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Is editing Gig makes it dead?

I have edited my gig and now i think it is dead, do you feel the same? All the impressions, everything for that particular gig came to halt.


It might temporarily set it back or it might not. I slightly changed the wording on a question on one gig and it hasn’t had a sale since, when before it did well so you might be right. I wish we could edit our gigs without this happening. It looks like it was moved back in the listings.

However I have edited gigs before and it didn’t happen.


Have had the same situation. For some reason Gigs often get set back when something is edited.


If your gig is doing great, please don’t edit anything! Fiverr has some wired algorithm!!

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I did same thing, my gig was on the first row of fiverr search engine on my target keyword but I did some changes on the gig and now its not appearing in whole pages of fiverr on targeted keyword. So i would suggest you all that dont do changes on your gig if its going well.


My gig started to perform well, than i just edited one image and after that all the impressions and everything came to halt, can anyone suggest a solution for this.

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It will take 1 week to get back like before


I’ve posted about this several times:

unless you are enrolled in Fiverr’s “success program” then every time you edit your gig, the system takes it out of the search results until it is reviewed.

So every time you edit your gig it may take anywhere between 24-48 hours (some have reported even more) for your gig to be visible one again AND there’s no guarantee it will return to its original spot.

It may go higher up or lower down.

As a general rule of thumb: do not edit your gig if it’s performing well, save edits for when the search engine stops favoring your offering due to the infamous rotation.


I am (at least I used to be, last time I talked to my success manager was in 2017). But last time I turned my extra fast delivery off, my gig disappeared for a day. I’ve noticed it later by looking at my weekly stats. Usually it doesn’t, though.

To answer OPs question, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. Don’t touch it if it works fine.


As well as the above, you can check whether or not your gig is active here:

Sometimes when you’ve edited a gig, it goes into review and stays there, even when it looks active on your profile. Happened a few times to me …

If you check your gig on the above link and it shows as in review, raise a ticket to CS and ask them to fix it.


i changed my image on 8 and after that loosing my impressions i was ranked before on 5th row 1st page i made no changes in description,keyword, just image what should i do?

Same thing happening to me.