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Is editing gig title and package price will effect my gig views and click?

I haven’t received any order in my gig . so today i changed picture and package details of my gig . is there any chance that my gigs views and click will be effected by it ?
i wish any top rated seller will know this answer .

I am afraid I am not a top rated seller. In fact, I am not even close to being one just yet. But I think I might be able to help.

Usually, when you change details in your gig, it is taken off of the gig listings on Fiverr for a couple hours (temporary down time) before it is again made visible in the search. However, from the observations I’ve made off of the various responses from other sellers on this very topic, I’ve understood this temporary down time to be highly variable.

I’d give it a day or two before I check if my gig impressions have taken a massive hit or not. Depending on that, I’d decide on whether to go on a relaxing walk by the sea or to shoot a message to CS about my gig possibly not having been restored back onto the Fiverr listings, before going on the walk. :wink:

Alternatively, you could also do a search for your gig on Fiverr from an incognito browser session (for example) to see if it shows up or not.

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thanks for your help dear friend :grinning::heart_eyes: