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Is everything okay in my new gig? Lot of views and clicks but no orders

Here is my gig’s link:
Please give me a suggestion how I can get orders from it. Thank you

If you have clicks but no orders then try to improve your gig description.

That’s my question. What’s wrong? Can you make a suggestion?

Try to not use:

  • I will work for you until you satisfy 100%
  • Unlimited revision

Because when potential customer sees those sentences he doubts in your expertise.


For what’s wrong - it allows you to select a delivery time for the basic package of 0 days for an extra $0. I don’t know if it’s a bug but if it’s a 0 day delivery surely it will be late as soon as the order starts maybe.

You do have a copyrighted/trademarked character in the main image. I’m not sure that’s okay.

I think the line “Can’t see your desired service.” should have a question mark.

You could have more example images showing the different things you can do and/or a video.

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And the lines “give me a chance” sounds a bit desperate.


@uk1000 @cherboub @jake_hopkins Thank you for your nice suggestion. I have made several changes. Please check.
I am getting views and clicks but no order. What’s wrong?

By the way, I have made another gig:
Please check it.
Thank you again!

The original gig looks better - the price thing is fixed etc. Though it still uses the copyrighted/trademarked character/image.

The new gig about background removal:
That seems okay though one of the tags is “transparent backgrou”. The gig description says “Unlimited Revisions” - but it could mention that that’s only for the premium package as the other 2 packages don’t have that (though really unlimited revisions might not be the best option to use - some people might ask for way too many revisions).

Also I’d probably reword “I can do remove any image’s background professionally”.

I found it in a website where it is free for commercial use without any attribution.

If that was true, that doesn’t mean the person who uploaded it to that site had the rights to do it.