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Is facebook paid advertisement will help for gig ranking improvement?

I try to advertise my gig through facebook ad to generate traffic on my gig there are many peoples who come from link to my gig but i think its doesn’t help me to improve my gig ranking because no one order anything i just get view on my gig thats it. So any one know proper method for market gig on social media which really helps in gig ranking.

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I believe that if you want to benefit from facebook ads you will want to really work on who you are targeting. You need to make sure you are putting your ad in front of the right people, who are willing to and able to buy your services


Yes you are right bro. I try hard for it but its difficult find proper targeted audience. Can you explain in details ?, how can i do proper settings for ad so get more specific result…

the target audience will depend upon what gig you want to promote. Tell me details about the gig and I can tell you more about the right audience

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Thanks for reply bro. I work on Logo ,Flyer , Banner , Digital Painting etc. Means i worked as graphics designer…