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Is facebook promtion now banned as a service on fiverr?


I got a message earlier this evening that my gig titled 'I will promote your url to over 1 million facebook group
members has been removed . I have had this gig for over 3 years with over 2000 orders delivered and close to 1000 positive reviews.
There were times when the gig had some problems appearing in search but this was sorted out by the fiverr team in a jiffy , suddenly they now consider that the gig is is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of use.
There are close to 500 sellers offering this service in the social media marketing category ,I wonder why fiverr will just select my gig and delete it.

I feel so sad now.


Same thing happened to me.
But Why?


I’ve noticed that a lot of sellers get gigs banned (often out of the blue) with references to any of the social media big names. At first it was only those selling actual like/followers and things that were clear violations of 3rd party ToS. Now it seems kind of random.

I suppose that gigs dealing directly with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. are now considered outside Fiverr’s “editorial focus” but since that is a list that changes often and isn’t published, that’s just a guess.

I’m sorry to hear about your gig. I’m afraid to put up gigs that are even remotely related to others that have gone by the wayside. I used to off a gig critiquing Kindle books (not reviewing them, just reading and critiquing) and it had about 30 reviews fast, but I took it down because I just had a feeling that anything associated with the big A would eventually be removed.


If fiverr has issues with Facebook, pinterest etc, then there shouldn’t be a social marketing category. When you create a gig in this category you even have platforms for Facebook etc and even sub categories like shout out ,campaign etc.
My gig was simply a shout out to groups I belong to concerning a link. You can post almost anything on those groups.
They even feature some of these social media sellers on feature page on fiverr.
They delete a gig that they have made close to $2500 from based on their 20% commission.
Honestly I feel really hurt by this development and they intend to have Pro sellers in this category, I wonder which services those sellers will be offering, if everything is based on infringement of intellectual property.


The problem with many social media gigs is that they’re selling likes/view/followers/subscribers, and that violates the Terms of Service of the social media sites. To avoid getting shut down, many gigs don’t openly say that they offer followers and so on, and mention promotion/shoutouts instead. And, because some people will keep finding new ways to offer forbidden services and break the rules, honest sellers who really don’t sell likes get hurt in the process of removing the rule breakers.


the title of my gig was promote your url to 1m facebook members , i don’t sell likes or followers, so i don’t even know where i have run foul. Even the gig is under the shout out meta data area.


Go back to Customer Services and ask why. I had a gig removed after it had been on here for over a year. I asked why and then an hour later it was back ‘live’ again. Sometimes they get a report from a user (could be a rival, who knows?) and then take it down without a proper investigation. always worth asking the question.


its been there for 3 years.below is the service I render i don’t know how this violates facebook TOS[

I do everyhting turns out well


Maybe the problem is that it’s a “like for like” group? They don’t really help any business, because people liking through those groups are not interested in businesses/products/services/whatever, they just like them so that they’d get likes in return.


Really sad to hear that, the point is if Gig is violating the TOS than Fiverr should ban it within 2,3 days. I mean if someone spent soo much time on Gig and at the end this happens , it really hurts


This is just a group I use for promoting,it has nothing to do with liking or any of sort. Besides I use hundreds of groups for promoting and fiverr doesn’t even know which groups i post to, they told me that facebook asked them to delete the gig as it was violating their TOS , my question now is how does facebook know that I provide such a service as there is no link t my profile or gig url when I post, The post is from my own facebook account and not from my fiverr account to the groups on facebook.


If they searched Fiverr gigs for the word ‘Facebook’ perhaps?


It looks like you were unlucky enough to come under their radar. Sorry this happened to you!


You may wish to blur your name in the screenshot you provided, since it’s your real name and it’s easy to find you that way.

I’m sorry that this has happened to you, but if Facebook complained to Fiverr about your gig, it’s not an allowed service, so it doesn’t really matter how they found out.


well i sen you a screenshot but this is what it would look like when i deliver to my buyer-

https://ww.facebo i spaced the link but this is how the buyer gets to see the post at delivery, and there are at least 12 such links that will be delivered.


I don’t post screenshots just the urls of the posts.


then they come up with hundreds of gigs with such a keyword.


Indeed they would, but they may have gone through them and looked at them all to see what each gig was offering.

I don’t know, I’m afraid - I was merely offering a suggestion. :slight_smile:


thanks all the same, the only thing is that they never warn you ahead of anything but just delete the gig when they feel like.


Well i get your point but you type facebook promotion into search and see the gigs that come up, my gig was somewhere in the middle of the first page.But all the other gigs with my same service are still intact.,they simply pick mine up and deleted it ,like someone mentioned here -i was simply unlucky.