Is Fiver Dry-Spell common


Is it common for periods when you get zero enquiries and zero orders ? I know you have been here longer than me so let me know your thoughts and anything I might not be doing.


very common, dry spells occur even in other businesses.


On the beginning of the month I got lot of orders. This and last week, I’ve had zero orders. I think this is normal as in many other businesses or industries.


Very common. Hold on!


I find it comes in waves. Some weeks I’ll get 5-10 new orders a day. Other weeks I’ll see 2-3 orders for the whole week.

There are a lot of moving pieces to the algorithm.


Thanks guys, it’s good to hear that it is a common thing.


@pacquills, don’t worry about it. You also have the opposite end of the spectrum where your orders come in droves. I have one Fiverr gig that got no sales for 5 days and now I have 17 orders in the queue.

When it rain, it pours.



I think it has to do with where your gig is appearing in the gig category pages. Obviously if your gig is on the first page of the “Recommended” or “High Rating”, that will translate into more views/clicks and orders.

Does anyone know how the algorithm works to promote gigs to up and down the order?

If I regularly update the gig description, gig pictures or video, will promote the gig again?