Is fiver having ab traffic issue


It’s been a year since I started working as a full timer at Fiverr.I have 170 review on my profile( but since last December My gig is not getting any view so I’m not getting any orders.I tried everything added video changed/undated my gig posted offer in Buyer request and everything.but it’s not working so if anyone facing a same problem or have any solutions please share it with me.


Nope, I’ve been busy. And you delivered 1 day ago so you must be getting some interest.

Try making a new gig.


I tried that too but it’s not working.I’m only getting orders from my regular buyers.


Yes I am also in same situation,
Orders coming from only repeat buyers, i don’t know what is the problem
No new orders…


@waasanaa Your profile picture looks like an American actress, you’re using Freelancer logo as a gig picture for one of your gigs, and that’s just what I noticed after a quick glance. Make certain that you use only your own material/stuff that you have the right to use, or you risk losing your Fiverr account (plus it also doesn’t inspire trust in buyers, not unless they want to risk getting sued for using copyrighted materials).


I have the same problem since December. I getting orders only from repeat buyers or from Buyer requests.


@madein5rr yes using buyer request works but nothing more.


Oh thanks,
i will edit that gig and contact you later

Thanks for your great idea


I’m not sure why you would want to contact her, but maybe better read the forum guidelines before you do either way, here’s the relevant quote:

Contacting other users, moderators/admins by private message/inbox is not absolutely disallowed, but unless invited it is considered a breach of etiquette to do so. In particular, do not contact other users to ask for sales, mentoring, profile or forum help, etc. We recommend that you contact other users only if they invite it and realize that the user may report you for spam. There are times that users may have good reason for making contact off-forum, just take extra-special care in doing so.