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Is fiver just for old sellers? My gig is not showing in fiver search?


Hey i just create 1 gig 3 days ago but my gig is not showing in fiver search, i’ve tried all keywords to find my gig but its not showing even in new seller, is fiver just for old sellers? or should i’ve to do something special to get my gig rank in fiver search, please help me
thanks in advance


It can take a week (and sometimes more, although sometimes less) for your gig to get indexed in search results. Don’t worry, you’ll show up. But to answer your question, Fiverr both does and doesn’t favor old sellers over new sellers. As time passes and your gig becomes better represented with sales and reviews, and collects a steady flow of both internal and external traffic, you’ll see it gain better standing. But if your gig is well optimized with appropriate key-words and you recruit your own buyers from outside Fiverr, you’ll notice that you can gain ground very fast.