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Is fiver worth it?

I just sign up 4 days ago, I posted 2 gigs offering Google Ads and Facebook Ads Management, and so far I go a total of 4 impression.


It takes time and effort to build your Fiverr business.

Check this out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!


Let me tell you a story.

I joined Fiverr almost five years ago.

I got ZERO orders in my first year.

I thought I was wasting my time and went off to build my freelance career on other platforms and through my own website.

Eventually, I came back to Fiverr when I started getting orders.

My third year here I was making between $750 and $1,100 USD per month.

Now I get maybe 2 or 3 jobs a month.

That’s okay, because I just use Fiverr for part-time income as it is not the only place I get freelance work.

I think that is the key to success.

Use Fiverr as one of many different streams of income as many of us can’t rely on it to be a full-time stream of income.

Good luck.


Fiverr takes time to build, impression doesn’t really help with orders. But if you want to get more impression… you can try using popular keywords. We suggest you to do some research on the forum maybe you’ll know more about Fiverr.



Hey there, @shahabakhava216. I just checked out your profile. Everything looks well presented with two solid gigs, and you appear to have the skills and experience to back up your service!

That said, 4 days is not enough to measure whether or not you are going to meet your goals and objectives. It’s about the long game, and you have to factor in that there are maybe hundreds of new sellers joining every single day, and they are your direct competitors. Most never achieve the kind of income here that allows them to quit their regular job and buy an island, but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn money.

I’ve included a link to a great post with information that you may find useful for analysis :slightly_smiling_face:. Best of luck going forward!


I’m in love with Fiverr.

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great. keep going bro

great :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You only need to look through some of the gigs from successful sellers to realise that Fiverr can be worth it. Why not spend a few minutes searching for ‘Google Ads’ and ‘Facebook Ads’ to see what your competitors are up to? Look at how many feedback ratings they’ve received, look at their gig price and look at when they first joined Fiverr (all that information is public). That will give you an idea of your potential. But of course, your service might be even better and prove more successful than others…

For example a seller who’s been with Fiverr for four years with 300 feedback ratings on a gig costing $50 will have probably earned $20,000 (or $5,000 a year). The reason my maths might seem a bit strange is that I find about a quarter / third of sellers don’t leave feedback - so a seller with 300 feedback ratings will probably have sold 400 gigs. You also have to allow for Fiverr’s 20% commission.

I think the real key to success on Fiverr is not to obsess about it and to apply common sense. @looseink certainly talks sense in the forum and his experience sort of mirrors mine. Just make sure your gigs look attractive, are well worded, are watertight (no unlimited revisions and daft promises), and are fairly priced (not cheap but not super expensive). And then forget about it. Seriously, just let nature take its course. Sooner or later you’ll hopefully get an order, and then things tend to pick up pace.

But please don’t do what so many new people do - and that’s get caught up in all this unmanageable nonsense about page impressions, clicks, and what many call gig ranking, etc. It’s all pretty much outside of your control and in some cases is pure nonsense. That’s why I say set up your profile and gigs - make sure they’re looking great, and then just leave things alone and see what happens.


That’s really inspiring :heart:


welcome to the forum, what you need is be patience and success will come your way. Use strong keywords and you will soon see orders coming. all the best

If up to 20 000 usd a year is good for you, than yeah its worth it.

@sepeita5 welcome for joining fiverr forum

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Yes, I agree that to build Fiverr business takes time but if your are skilled person and professional in your area of field then you can grow here in a no time. It is good platform for skilled person. I am personally using it from 2015 and really enjoyed a lot here and also know many person with their success story. So, keep it up and deliver best as you can.

Thanks for the input.

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4 days? Instant gratification isn’t a thing on fiverr.