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Is fiverr a good place for newbies?

Hello everyone,

I came to fiverr with high hopes after a friend of mine told me how much she was earning monthly. It has not been a smooth journey after nearly 1 month as the sales I had were only through direct referrals.

I was wondering if fiverr is a place to start a career at all or I need to cut my expectations? Maybe I need to tweak some things around my gig?


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Hi ya @transpro_usa and welcome!

You can make a living on Fiverr, my partner does. What about adding some more gigs so you have more chances of being found.

I read your gig and I think you need to take out everything that says you are new because it doesn’t shout expert. I also think you need to proofread your gig because there are a few words missing that would flow better.

And as someone who doesn’t know your industry, what does hq mean?

Good luck!


No, fiverr is just a hobby, you won’t make a living out of this.


Fiverr is Shop Street
Gigs r Shops.

Deppends on your goods & prices :slight_smile:

and so on …

PS. With ur native English u can do good money - I see a lot of …

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Like any business, building a business on Fiverr takes time. I’ve been here around 18 months and I currently make a reasonable full-time wage just from Fiverr. I believe it is important to explore other ways to earn as a freelancer too though as Fiverr income can be very inconsistent for various reasons.
Look through the Tips For Sellers category and you will find a HUGE amount of tips and advice to get you started.


Hi @transpro_usa

Yes fiverr is a good place for newbies too. i’m a newbie. i’ve started my journey on 01 May, 2017 and till now i’ve earned 31.2 dollars. I don’t have any specific skill. but i have patience and good planning ability. I think you will get fiverr very useful soon. best wishes for you.


Actually I make a living JUST from working here. :slight_smile: :heart: Haha I travel year round and work really (I mean REALLY hard) for three weeks and then take a week or so off for vacation and travel. I love this platform, without it I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. Haha

In response to @transpro_usa I started here as a semi-beginner. I had taken several college courses and extra classes to learn how to write, edit, and format. However, I now feel I am much more experienced and that is solely through working here and practice. So as long as you can provide quality material and service, Fiverr is an amazing opportunity!


You have less than 300 reviews, multiply that by 5, been here for over a year, how is that a living

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Many people spend considerably more than $5 per order.
I think I have had 4 or 5 $5 orders in the past 2 months.


Hi @transpro_usa, and welcome to Fiverr! :slight_smile:

In answer to your question, yes, Fiverr is a great place for newbies, and you’ve made an excellent start. I had a look at your gig, and your description etc. are spot on. When you’ve got a few more reviews, you can add packages and gig extras to increase your average sale.

Are there any more skills you could make use of? You can have up to 7 gigs as a newcomer, and it’s a really good idea to make the most of them.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Well, in a short answer, no
People saying yes have barely made over 2k in years, how is that a living? I on the other hand earn 3k + every month in a real job.
Well thats my opinion. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


BTW @transpro_usa - it’s impossible to tell how much money anybody makes from Fiverr by looking at their reviews etc. many variables are at play - the % of buyers who left feedback, the average amount of each order, which as you’ve read can be way beyond the basic $5, custom orders etc.

Don’t expect any Fiverr seller to tell you how much they make, that’s private between them and their accountant! :wink:


Spot on.

I haven’t sold a $5 service in months.


First, just because there are 300 reviews doesn’t be mean I’ve only done 300. Many don’t leave them.

Also, please dont be mean. All I was trying to do was help share my own experiences and support/reassure a new member.

My orders are rarely $5. I have repeat clients and good work ethic that help make sure my income is enough. I definitely make a living here. Enough to pay rent, travel, and pay off student loans.

I only work total around 7 months a year, and I’ve only been here for one year. So it makes sense I don’t have many reviews. We all have different ways of working, so please don’t think just a few reviews means less income.

Edit: Typing on the app… haha


A great pity you felt you had to explain yourself @madyr9228, but I’m sure the OP will have appreciated your original post as fantastic encouragement, as indeed I do!


Hi! I did not see your gigs but for Buyer Request has work for me! try on! good luck!

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Hi! I did not see your gigs but for Buyer Request has work for me! try on! good luck!

It works for people who do not live on USA. For I do not know how is for people who lives on USA or others countries!

Sigh, you might want to read these articels :wink:


Hi @madyr9228

I truly appreciate your contribution in this particular post. And I apologize on behalf of the ignorance of @oscar_98

I can’t disclose what I make monthly, but it is more than @oscar_98 makes in his “real job” and I don’t even have up to 300 reviews.

Not all clients leave reviews and 70 percent of my orders are via custom orders.

To answer @transpro_usa , you can make a living on fiverr alone, but there is a lot involved. Good luck Emily!!!