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Is Fiverr a Joke or What

I wonder how people make money on fiverr. The man who introduced me to this platform told me that, it is very easy to make money here. But since i joined this platform i am still wondering the genuineness of his words. I even wonder how people are making wave via fiverr.

Here is my question, does this platform favor only few people? Secondly, why is it that some people are making sales while order are not? Thirdly, what make this people get sales in tens (what are their secret of getting orders)?

Thanks Ozzieuk! I will try your tips to see how it works.

Hey There

Nope I don’t think it’s a joke since Xmas I have over $1000 sat in my account waiting for clearance.

Promote your gigs here in the forum, facebook, twitter etc to increase your exposure.

Be super active here so other buyer sellers know your about etc.

We’re a friendly bunch and we’re always happy to answer any questions

Best regards


Not a joke at all! Fiverr does not favor a few people. In fact you’ll see posts all over this forum of new members or members who had never earned much at first getting lots of orders almost out of nowhere. There is a Top Rated Seller achievement which gives top sellers more features and more recognition, but Fiverr is anything but elitist. There is no trick to getting sales, just post interesting and unique gigs that will appeal to a large group of people, and are fairly simple for you to complete. Leverage your unique skills/hobbies!

We all were once new and the key to success on Fiverr is knowing that it is a job, you have to work at it, promote your gigs, use social network sites to promote your gigs, create a blog, participate in these forums consistently. You have to not to be afraid to put yourself and your gig out there, be bold! Good luck with your gig(s) in 2012

No it’s no Joke. There are tons of people on Fiverr… and there are many that have been here for a while and have built up their reputation as good sellers and such, Fiverr Top-Rated Sellers. So, of course, they get a lot of orders and make good money, they earned it! Fiverr requires a lot of work and patients to be successful, just like any business does. You must create well-thought-out gigs that people want to buy and give them a good deal for their $5. As well as be a good seller with great customer service to ensure your sales go well (you get good feedback) and you get repeat customers! When you first start out in Fiverr, it’s hard. Just like any newly started business. It takes time to build it up. I hope this reply makes sense to you and helps you understand a little more about Fiverr! Good luck!

It depends of your necessities and what you do. It may or may not work.

Take in account how good you are at selling, and the amount of competition you would have. Not counting that many times other Fiverrs will copy you, taking your customers away.

Honestly, no disrespect to any one, but someone told me. "With a few exemptions, do you think someone who is an expert at what he/she does would be selling it for $5 bucks?

You’ll get what you paid for kid…"

Many people knows this.

In the world of marketing there is a saying, "If you want nightmares tonight, let a Fiverr do the job for you."

That is why, 2 years ago, I entered in to the world of marketing. I read a couple of books on the subject (I’ll recommend you start with “a legacy in advertising” by claude hopkins), developed and practice some techniques daily, and started selling independently for others. I chose products with high demand and high profit margin. This is more profitable, with much less competition and no headaches.

Now, I easily make in one week what the best Fiverr would do in a year. Again no disrespect, but that is why, I can afford to go vacations three times a year.

Anyhow, Good Luck!


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Its no joke at all…

In order to get some sales you should do some market research on what products sell and try and see how you can provide it differently.

Market your GIGs on twitter, fb, on blogs, forums etc.

Constantly edit your gigs and think of keywords that people are searching for.

If you follow these tips then it will work for you as well.

well i have here for a while now and have made a few sales but its tough on fiverr, bit then promotion is the key here.