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Is fiverr a SCAM?

I went to order my first gig. The total amount of money i need to pay was 40$. Then the sellers say i will have to add another 20% making it 48$. I know fiverr taking 20% commission from the sellers. He said that 20% will be deducted from him - making him receive only 32$ but i will still be charged additional 20%. Please, Is this true? Or is he trying to scam me?


Sir it totally depend upon seller.Kindly choose a good seller and FIVERR is not scam Seller may be.

Fiverr is definitely not a scam.

You will have to pay a commission for processing but you will see how much is it upon processing the order. You will clearly see on the processing invoice before you pay how much is an order and how much is the processing fee.

Fiverr will charge the seller and you separately for their commission.


Fiverr charges you a processing fee and sellers pay $1 for every $5 ordered. If a seller says they’ll charge you $50 to do a project, you will pay that $50 along with Fiverr’s processing fee (whatever it may be). When the order is complete, the seller will get $40 from the order.

The seller is not charging you the processing fee - Fiverr is. They never see the fee you pay for processing. Fiverr is def. not a scam.


In addition to what has been said suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.

Everything is explained there in great detail.


It seems like a bad seller. If he wanted to be paid $40 after deduction of Fiverr’s 20% he should have set his original gig/package/offer price higher (eg. he should have set his pricing to $50 if he wanted to earn $40 after deduction of Fiverr’s 20%, since 50-(20% of 50)=40).


I don’t understand what his explanation is. Just ask him for a total price and either it is an amount you can pay or it isn’t. If he is trying to say it’s necessary to add another 20% to his price to make up for the amount fiverr takes then find another seller. There shouldn’t be anything extra a seller adds to make up for the 20% fiverr takes. He should just give you a total price.
If he wants you to pay $48 that is what his price should say.

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I think buyers the better using their fiverr balance to avoid fees, every time when they ordering.

As far as I know, Fiverr still charges the service charge even when paying with their Fiverr balance. They’ll also still take their 20% when paying with Fiverr balance.

Nice, they do, so far