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Is Fiverr Addictive?

I like to check the analytics on my gigs every day and the posts in the forums. Is it just me or is Fiverr addictive?

I usually check my analytics every 2 days or so and sometimes the forums if I have time, but you can’t call that addictive. More like research and information for evaluating the gig.

I never look at mine any more.

Yes it is. My solution is this - I cut out a little rectangle from a piece of construction paper. So before I open fiverr, I cover the screen with the paper. Then, the only thing I can see through the hole, is if i have a message or notification. What I can’t see, is where I would need to click to get to the forum or buyer requests.
LOL. Whatever works - you know?
Obviously, at the moment that paper is somewhere else in the house… ok a few more minutes and gonna go get it and use it!!