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Is fiverr adding ads or is only in my pc?

Hi, I just logged in today, and for some reason I see in some clicks fiverr opens a new page with ads, and in the messages while talking with clients I see there are highlighted words that have ads, so my question is:

Are you also seeing ads in fiverr like the above I told you?, or it is just my pc.

I HOPE this is only in my pc or my imagination, because ads in fiverr would really sck…

I think a bad file or virus was downloaded to your pc without your permission and it’s making ads pop in your browsers, this is bad because ads can lead you to websites where more files will be downloaded to your computer, sometims this happens because of an extension you added to your browser or new softwares, some of these files are really hard to find and delete, do your best search on google how to remove them, remove un-necessary extensions or re-install the browser…
Good luck!

it’s only you brother. i’d take onlinedzshop’s advice and search online for a solution. good luck!

check installed applications. You will find an adware. Just remove it.

i think you have a malware in a extension:) or something