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Is Fiverr algorithm playing tricks on me?

I am a web developer and about one year old on platform.
As the November ended, my gig slowly took a nose dive when everything was going good for me. Almost 5 stars, improved order completion rate, on time delivery and response rate.

I don’t know what happened to my gig as it is no where to be found in first 10 pages, It used to live on first page.

No inquiries, no customers, almost no impressions. Fiverr had become for me.

I talked to fiverr team, they said:

1. Response Rate
My response rate is 100%

2. They argue that "others are performing well"
Gigs with even less rating, orders and reviews are well ahead of me in search results.

3. Order Completion Rate
My order completion rate went down due to many reasons but I improved it drastically by putting in more effort. When it was down my gig was there on first page.

I don’t know about fiverr algorithm but there might be some other factors which I don’t know.

I think apart from impressions, click chart that tells you about performance of the gig there should be some sort of benchmark to indicate concrete reason.

Please share your latest experience.


This is so frustrating for a seller. I hope your problem will be solved very soon


You seem to have joined recently so good loo with sells.

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Just by looking at the graphs I can not infer Why a gis is performing? So answer to why is missing in the equation.