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Is Fiverr app available for windows phone?

when visiting fiverr from my Lumia windows phone,the page redirects me to app download page,but no app available for windows phone,only Android and I phone app was there.What is the current status of the Windows App?Is it under development?

I heard that online visibility(flashing online icon) is available only for those who are online through App only.

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Without a fiverr apps i am very upset after buy my microsoft windows phone. is this available for windows phone ?

Why is not fiverr app for windows phones yet?



Please help us and create a windows app for fiverr…


Yeah guys… we need windows app for fiverr.


yes, fiverr… why not hire someone who has app developing as gigs to make one!

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Yes…we need windows app for fiverr,please create…


Yes…we need windows app for fiverr.


seems like no one is here to listen us guys :frowning:

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fiverr, why don’t you care about sellers, please reply here. we need fiverr app for windows,. I am very upset about your custom care.

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I’m too need it, I love android but I like working with Nokia Lumia :smiley:

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Windows 10 is releasing & a wide range of users shifting there slowly but surely. Wake up :-q

Yep…the time is ripe for a windows phone app for fiverr. I can’t believe that no-one here can make one!

A Fiverr App for Windows Phone would be SO awesome!

why didn’t fiverr creat a app for windows phone .

I need a Fiverr app for my Windows Phone :frowning:

It’s as easy as using phonegap.

I have a Nokia WIndows Phone as well, as logged into the “Store” app on the main menu. I searched for “Fiverr” and found what looks like an official app for Fiverr, but I suspect it’s for buyers only :frowning: I didn’t see a “Login” link / icon anywhere for sellers – only for buying gigs.

Indeed, I agree with the others –, please create a valid app for us on Windows Phone! Thanks :slight_smile:

Please create a fiverr apps for windows phone.please please please

Where is the solution to this long-standing request for a functional windows phone app?