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Is Fiverr Banned in any Part of the World?

Just a quirky question. Does anyone know if Fiverr or any other freelance platform is actually banned in any part of the world?

I’m asking this as I have a friend in Thailand who can’t seem to access the site. (Very long story but basically they will be out of work for a while and I recently recommended Fiverr to them).

Digging a bit, it seems that freelance work in Thailand might not be considered actual work from a legal perspective (as far as visas go) and this might be the issue. Anyway, this has piqued my curiosity. - This and reminded me that there seem to be very few sellers from certain countries actually on Fiverr compared to others.

So, does anyone know if Fiverr is banned anywhere in the world?

I created my account while in Thailand, and the reason being because I met quite a few digital nomads (mostly in Chiang Mai) that were using Fiverr.

So, at least in my experience, Fiverr works just fine in Thailand. I’m not sure about the legitimacy of freelancing from a legal point of view though.

The only place I’m slightly worried about is China, not sure on how easily I’d be able to access general websites once I get there.

Your friends can’t register or they can’t access Fiverr at all?

Yes, I actually used to live in Thailand and dreamed of becoming a digital nomad because of the Chiang Mai scene. Freelancing just wasn’t on my radar then.

As for accessing Fiverr, I’m not sure and I don’t want to investigate the matter. I assume the problem is with accessing the site. I just have this problem where sometimes when I recommend something to someone, they suddenly start to need me to sit down and walk them through every step of how to do something. - (And I want to avoid that :slight_smile: )

Some people like spoon feeding.

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Pretty sure I’ve seen sellers from Thailand on the forum.

Do you get the Seller Location filter? I guess if a country doesn’t show in there, it means either there are no sellers from there, or it’s restricted there. I do see Thailand, or Venezuela, but I don’t see Cuba in the list, for example, and I suppose if it was available there, there would be people who would use it? I see South Korea in the list, but not North Korea.

Of course, there could be countries where internet, electricity isn’t that available or reliable enough to bother or too expensive for those who might want to try Fiverr, or where nobody knows about (freelancing and) Fiverr (yet), so nobody is registered as a seller from there but that certainly isn’t true for Thailand.

(I get the filter only after choosing a subcategory, so depending on category, there might be more countries if I’d bother to compare for all categories.)

There are Chinese sellers that I know of on Fiverr, so I think access to the site specifically isn’t limited.

It’s true that there are a whole suite of other sites that are limited, and the Internet is also pretty sluggish, but if you’re patient you can access most sites that aren’t Facebook, Youtube, Google, etc.

There were people from China who have reached out to me in the past.

I have had customers from Thiland . . . :thinking:

71 of my orders have been from China (analytics page has that information).

North Korea is a different story, their internet is heavily regulated and censored.

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