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Is fiverr Block me? If I add my Payoneer Card (which is used on my Blocked Fiverr ID)



I have been on fiverr for quite a while, and my gig is becoming more and more active exponentially with time, and I am getting more and more order.

I used to have another fiverr account that have been blocked, and that account already have a Payoneer card associated to it. Is fiverr Block me again, if I add my Payoneer Card (which is used on my Blocked Fiverr ID) to my new Fiverr account. What can I do?


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Contact customer support. :slight_smile:


Having 2 accounts can get you blocked, anyway.


Reply to @fonthaunt:

I am using public internet … may be many user using that internet. is there any problem with it.


Reply to @mallika255: I doubt that would cause you an issue. On most public networks the chances of another Fiverr user wouldn’t be that high. You could contact CS and ask if you wanted to be sure. They can give permission for some things, like family members with accounts. What they definitely don’t allow is 2 accounts with the same payment credentials. The other big issue is the use of multiple accounts to give each other ratings/reviews.


@fonthaunt i have only single account and only one payment method. I am working great here… i don’t think it is an problem. i am doing well with my account and no need of another account. i have great rating and no need of exchange of rating … even i got the mail from on seller i will give you 2 5 star review you just give me 1 review. i clearly decline. i dont wanna go against Fiverr TOS. I just happy with fiverr and love to work here. Btw thank You for your precious suggestions.