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Is fiverr browser auto refresh appropriate?

Is fiverr browser auto refresh appropriate? Can I use this with legitimate way ?
What is effect can it on my fiverr account if I uses it ? please expert explain that .


It’s against the terms of service and can get you banned. Don’t use it.


Are you sure ? If anyone uses this then he will be banned in fiverr.Is it happened with you ?

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set the timer within 3-4 minutes, then there will be no issue with your account. but if you use 1 minute for refresh then it can create issue, like recaptcha fill,


Don’t do it.

Don’t listen to those who say you can get away with it by setting it to longer times between refreshes.

Here’s why:

The first person to respond to a job isn’t always going to get that job.

If you are so unsure of your skills that you have to game the system to get work here, then you probably shouldn’t be here.

Trust your talent, not technology to win success.


How about you just wear a giant glowing neon sign saying, “Hey! I use an auto refresher!” because that is basically the same thing as what you’ve posted.

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Here is an example of a user getting banned because they used it:

I repeat: don’t use auto-refreshers: it’s against the rules, and you risk getting banned while getting little to no advantage for using it. Fiverr has systems to detect user patterns like re-loading the same page, opening too many tabs etc. I know this because I set up a similar system to avoid click scammers on one of my websites, and it detects a bunch of patterns to stop people from clicking/refreshing.

You asked for advice, @rahat_hasan_ahm, and with several years on Fiverr, being a Top Rated Seller and a community leader, I strongly advise you not to do it. If anyone chose to use it, they’re a cheater and deserve the consequences of their actions.

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