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Is legit?

I had some problems on fiverr and I read online and in the help and the forums etc. So I posted on this forum last week and no reply. I have been trying to email or call fiverr, that all but seems impossible. What is their phone number or email? I searched and asked on the forum, no luck and no reply.

No I have new issues. I purchased 4 different gigs from different people on fiverr. They were all highly recommended in the reviews and featured. So now only 1 came through. The other 3 in the status: 2 day very late and one says in progress. So I do understand the one in progress had more time, no problem. But the other 2, what is going on? One is highly featured (jingle shark) they won’t reply to me or anything. I understand I only this is a $5.00 site but I did pay more and got extras on almost all of them, and it is a waste of there is no delivery. How do these people get high ratings snd higher levels yet not do anything for the money. I’ll give those 3 gigs another week then if I don’t get any help or way to contact fiverr then I’m going to call my credit card company and report it as fraud. All I simply want is a contact to fiverr for tech support and the gigs I paid for to be delivered or at very least communicate with me. Thanks to anyone reading this and suggestions.

Unfortunately, No phone or Email or Contact just a Support System: where you should get a reply.

As a suggestion for those sellers who are not replying you can either request for cancellation of order at order page look for “Resolution Center” at the top OR you can also reject the order by “Requesting Modification” they will reply eventually.

I hope this will be helpful :slight_smile:

Cheers and Love to All :smiley:


Well it saddens my heart because just came across the Fiverr site and decided to make a purchase. I was given three days to receive my purchase. Unfortunately, it did not happen. Its sad because after viewing Fiverr its an awesome site with wonderful seller products. But one bad apple can spoil a whole bunch of other sellers. I am going to cancel my order. Can someone please tell me how does that work? Do I get my money back on my credit card? Does it become a Fiverr credit? Can I place the Fiverr on another purchase? Please assist me with this matter. Thank you.