Is Fiverr considered a job?


Hello, I have a question and I am pretty worried about it so I would like to hear your opinion.
In my country you have to declare/announce that you have earnings. The problem is I don’t know if freelancing is considered a job… And is illegal ?
What I should do to be fine with legal stuff ?


Anything that earns you money can be considered a job and you need to pay taxes on all money you earn whether you call it a job or not. Of course it’s legal!

To be fine with legal stuff pay your share of taxes on everything you earn here.


Thanks, I will try to contact an Accountant here in my country.


Sure you can.
I have quit corporate job and started my own business.
Now I’m a FULLTIME FreelanceDesigner and whenever my bank ask for the proof of earning I also can provide them detailed account spread-sheet which fiverr automatically offer.


No, it’s a hideous nightmare, or a hobby as some sadists prefer to call it.

Right, guys?


I’m sure it’s allowed to be a freelancer there.