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Is Fiverr dead?

Hey there,

It’s been 3 years now and I never experienced something like this. It’s been more than 3 months now, and I didn’t get any new orders from any new buyer or any message.

I know a bit about how the algorithm works but this has been frustrating because I kept changing all the things and still nothing is changing. I understand how canceled orders work but this is becoming really hard for me and wanted to share this experience with you.

Any one of you is experiencing the same thing as me? If so, please let’s talk and make this easy for all of us.



The way the algorithm plays around, it will be dead soon and flooded with average sellers. I’m going through the same now but I am on my third week of total silence.

God bless my frequent return clients


My last delivery was 18 days ago, within those 18 days, neither received any order nor any messages. I am sending 10 buyer requests daily, but that doesn’t work either!


I’m getting clicks, impressions, some messages but no luck getting the orders. :cold_sweat:


Gig rotation :woman_shrugging: Especially with all new sellers that joined and keep joining the platform.
My gigs were hidden for over 6 months.


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@disha_nauar @bishalbaru @finalcutallen
You guys are new on the platform, so I guess you just need to check the Gig title and the SEO thing.

The algorithm is different now, I think it’s becoming hard for sellers that were on the platform for more than 3 years.


I tried finding you on Fiverr with username but didn’t found it out, you are a new seller or not?

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I’ve been here longer than you and I can confirm that is not true.

It’s not harder for senior accounts to get orders/ranking/whatever.

Fiverr is not serving results like 10 years ago.

There are hundreds of variables and it is trying to make good matches between sellers and buyers. If you still think that a gig title and tags is what it takes, then that’s probably the reason why you are experiencing a longer than usual drought.

Fiverr has evolved. We need to adjust to the new era.


Well, I’m definitely not a new seller if my gigs were hidden for more than 6 months :wink: I’ve been here quite a few years.

Or it’s harder for old sellers to adjust because not everyone can catch right away changes on the platform and adjust to it. Old sellers more tend to fall into the trap of “oh my sales are lower, but fiverr was covering my back for a long time so probably it’s just temporary, I’ll just wait a little bit and will see if my gigs will pick up activity again”. And when that doesn’t work that’s were the panic starts.


Older accounts with some relative success tend to be victims of what we call “Outcome Bias”.

That’s why they move slower, as they expect for things to return to a prior state just by “riding it out”.


Same here…! after 2 months break due to some examination. no orders :sleepy: :face_with_thermometer: :sob: :sob:

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There are a lot of things to cover here. I’ve been reading topics a lot on the forum, and I saw a lot of people saying that Fiverr is giving more chances to new sellers.

I couldn’t agree more that Fiverr has evolved, and we need to adjust to the new era. I just can’t wait to see what 2021 will bring to us.

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Well, here that’s the thing: you shouldn’t wait.

A lot of people here on the forum make numerous claims.
Those people think that Fiverr somehow tries to be “fair” and so they rotate gigs to give other sellers a chance. That makes no sense.

If 100 failing people say it’s an SEO thing and one person says it’s something else, my money is on that someone else.


Yes, I am also not getting any order. Fiverr is dead

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OK sure. If you are not getting any orders, then let’s call it.

All joking aside, that kind of thinking and deduction is not going to help you move forward and solve your problem.


Thanks Frank, this really jumped out at me. :raised_hands:

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This is very correct statement.

There´s a lot of things happening at the same time, changing continuously its magnitude like alternating current.

number of services

The main point here is COVID-19 that literally accelerated evolution of everything. People were driven to the corner and try to adapt as best as they can. It´s the only way out.

Fiverr is not dead at all. It´s quite opposite in fact, or at least from the investor’s point of view.

The company is almost 10 times more valuable compared to March 2020. I have not seen such a rapid development over past few years by any company yet. It will likely fluctuate in 2021 as soon as the vaccination is in place worldwide.

But overall it is the future business because there will be another virus sooner or later or anything else…


Though I have been looking for other options as well, @frank_d , @mariashtelle1 do you guys think this problem will be eventually solved? If you ask me, i dont think this will be. Whats your say in this?

I sound like a broken record, but, there is no “problem”.

Nothing is broken that you need to just wait until Fiverr fixes it.

You either adapt, or stay where you are currently.

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