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Is Fiverr deducting more than 20%....Seriously?

Hello community,
So recently i completed an order regarding the service that i provide…Everything was perfect i did received every info to start the order then i worked on the order then successfully delivered the order…The buyer was very happy with the delivery that she even gave me a tip and also a 5 star review which really matters for new sellers like me…

Everything was fine till now then i saw something which is really disturbing…On my order page I only received the money that i should be getting on deducting the 20% of the actual order that it was… I was also given a tip by the buyer but the money of the tip wasn’t added and i don’t know why…

What went wrong…is Fiverr deducting more than 20% seriously…please help somone



It look like a bug on order page, check your Revenues/earnings page. There it shoud be logged correctly.

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Actually, i did checked the earnings page previously before posting this post and there it did showed a $4 of fund in the pending clearance, which i guess is the tip amount only…

My only concern is why it isn’t showing in the order page itself…
Like i have previous orders also on which i did got tip and there i can’t find any issue… its particularly with this order only so thats why i was a bit concerned about what happened…

Well, if its a bug then i guess Fiverr should seriously take note of this…

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As I remember the tip and the order are pending separately.
Did you mean you can’t see this $24 on pending? than if so I’ll recommend you to contact cs immediately because it’s taking a long time for them to answer right now
attach this screenshot

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I have had this happen in the past as well, where the tip and order revenue were separate, and I worried since I could not find the correct amount I should have received for that order. Upon further investigation, I saw that they just split it into two transactions, and the money was not missing, and no, they are not taking more than 20%.



No, its absolutely fine i can see them both separately i just replied particularly for that $5 tip…Still i do appreciate your concern for me

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yes they take 20% from the tip too so that’s the gap :slight_smile:

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Hello friends, I did not understand the answer to the question, how is it that the site reduces by more than 20%?
This has happened for my 2 orders

I did not understand the answer to the question

The answer is Fiverr takes 20% from both the tip and the order. If you’re still seeing less than you should on the order page, it’s a bug and you should see the correct amount on your earnings page.

If your earnings page is also incorrect then you should contact CS. Otherwise, don’t worry about it.

Thank you very much for your answer
Yes, the amount is correct on the income page
But on the order page, the amount has been reduced by more than 20%

It’s a bug. Don’t worry about it. What it says on your earnings page is what you’ll get.

You relieved my mind

It’s a bug obviously! You’ll get your money back

Thank you, my friend, I was relieved