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Is Fiverr deducting more than 20%....Seriously?

Hello community,
So recently i completed an order regarding the service that i provide…Everything was perfect i did received every info to start the order then i worked on the order then successfully delivered the order…The buyer was very happy with the delivery that she even gave me a tip and also a 5 star review which really matters for new sellers like me…

Everything was fine till now then i saw something which is really disturbing…On my order page I only received the money that i should be getting on deducting the 20% of the actual order that it was… I was also given a tip by the buyer but the money of the tip wasn’t added and i don’t know why…

What went wrong…is Fiverr deducting more than 20% seriously…please help somone



It look like a bug on order page, check your Revenues/earnings page. There it shoud be logged correctly.

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Actually, i did checked the earnings page previously before posting this post and there it did showed a $4 of fund in the pending clearance, which i guess is the tip amount only…

My only concern is why it isn’t showing in the order page itself…
Like i have previous orders also on which i did got tip and there i can’t find any issue… its particularly with this order only so thats why i was a bit concerned about what happened…

Well, if its a bug then i guess Fiverr should seriously take note of this…

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As I remember the tip and the order are pending separately.
Did you mean you can’t see this $24 on pending? than if so I’ll recommend you to contact cs immediately because it’s taking a long time for them to answer right now
attach this screenshot

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I have had this happen in the past as well, where the tip and order revenue were separate, and I worried since I could not find the correct amount I should have received for that order. Upon further investigation, I saw that they just split it into two transactions, and the money was not missing, and no, they are not taking more than 20%.



No, its absolutely fine i can see them both separately i just replied particularly for that $5 tip…Still i do appreciate your concern for me

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yes they take 20% from the tip too so that’s the gap :slight_smile:

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