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Is fiverr doing too much?

Who else has noticed the industries category and other new/not so new features on the order page.

I fell in love with fiverr because of its simplicity in everything, from look, to layout and more. It was all VERY EASY TO USE AND UNDERSTAND and you did not even need anyone to put you through. Had features that were not cumbersome.

However, now i think Fiverr is doing too much. I get and understand the need to develop but i think fiverr is doing too much at the same time. It is making the website look crowded and complex.

Is it just me? what do you think?


I think they are just lost their path!!!

Hi @emma_create - welcome to the forum.

I think that Fiverr is really excited about being a respectable company at last! The IPO has given the company a real boost … and some money to invest.

As more and more people sign up, both as sellers and buyers, they’re trying very hard to make sense of everything that’s offered - hence the increasing numbers of categories, new features and general “try things - let’s see if they work”.

Change often feels threatening - I had a client not so long ago whose issues were rooted in her mother changing everything in her room (including throwing things out!) every time she left the house. She never felt safe.

I think maybe the changes are coming so thick and fast right now that those of us who have been here a while are feeling, like that client, unsafe, like our homes are being reorganized without any consultation and changes are being sprung on us as a surprise. It wouldn’t feel so bad if it didn’t affect our stats/number of orders etc … but it does and it can be scary.

Take a breath, bear in mind Fiverr’s a bit like a kid in a sweetie shop at the moment due to the influx of investment … and wait for them to calm down. Things that don’t work will fade away … things that do, wont.


they will never calm down -

After 1st Quarter result - in October - Might be IPO shares is going to below $15 clearly… Big loss will be shown in result as per my assumption.!

& If they will not stop and learn lesson to their mistakes. Fiverr shares will be Real concept as Fiverr $5 in next 1 yr.

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