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Is Fiverr Down? [20 char]

Looks like it’s down for me…

We are having some unexpected problems
The site is currently down but we’re working hard to get it fixed! Don’t worry, your account and orders are safe and sound. Please read the FAQs below and check out our status page for notifications on our progress with this issue.

[Update: It’s back.]


It’s down for me, too.

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i have the same thing here

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It’s down for me. Just as I was delivering an order. :frowning:

So what is the next thing now:sunny:

At least this sounds promising for the near (far?) future :smiley:


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I am also facing this problem :smiley::grinning:

Fiverr must be experiencing a problem. I believe it’s down for everyone. The app is down as well for me.

…and back again.  

– I don’t see any new updates :sweat_smile:


It’s working for me - to a degree.

I can accept orders (just did a few mins ago). I still can’t pay for orders.

The annoying thing is that I’m getting emails from 5r with,

“Hey, you didn’t complete your transaction.”

Well, I would, if I could!


Hopefully all those tries/retries haven’t created actual orders behind the scenes, and the sellers wake up with multiple orders waiting to be cancelled like it happened to me several times :scream:

The buyers told me “Fiverr asked me to retry, so I did” :sweat:


I won´t ask discobot, as the answer is clear :crystal_ball:
“Don´t count on it.”


Is anyone else having problems logging in?


You are so off my Christmas list! :broken_heart: :santa: :broken_heart:

I can’t access the payment page, no charge is on my credit card, and I messaged one of my sellers - nothing at her end.

:heavy_plus_sign: “You haven’t completed your transaction,” email is only sent when I haven’t paid.

“Fill out the requirement,” emails are sent if payment has been processed.

It’s down for me. I thought it was something wrong with my browser or internet connection. :sweat::flushed::disappointed::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Here’s a message from one of my regulars who placed 4 extra orders because the transaction would fail and Fiverr asked him to keep retrying :grimacing:


And unfortunately that wasn’t the only incident - my cancellation rate increased by 5% just because of that problem (and it took weeks to reacquire that 5%) :frowning: I didn’t say it was because of the buyer, but rather because of Fiverr and how they worded the error… you know, “to keep retrying”…

I guess they have changed things now seeing what you mentioned in your previous message…

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Oh my!

I’m 100% positive mine hasn’t gone through.

Hum, so I reread what I wrote above & it sounded like I was teed off at you; when I was actually, kidding around.

I need to start using more emojis to convey my words in the future. :grin: :grinning: :purple_heart: :joy: :laughing: :wink: :sweat_smile: :smile: :heart: :cupid: :sparkling_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :green_heart: :yellow_heart: :purple_heart: :gift_heart:


Don’t worry, me strong, I can take it :slight_smile: