Is fiverr down again or am I blocked from the site?


It’s not just me right? I don’t think I’ve broken any rules but still…

On the other hand if fiverr is down again, then this is kinda scary. I have so many deadlines today and tomorrow. I need to be able to contact my buyers! Aargh! It’s not like they’re suspending the algorithms that mark us down for missing deadlines.


Fiverr was really down for a while, there was a notice about it on Facebook.


A superb maintenance job on Sunday, clearly… still, it was only for 2 hours. Of course, it stopped as soon as I decided to start working lol.


They switched servers so maybe things will smooth out now.


It was for a while. There have also been some extra temporary and permanent suspensions lately. The seem to be cleaning up and checking up.


Source on this please.


They mentioned it on their Facebook page and Twitter account.


It has been a pain in the backside for months on end now.They take such a huge cut that in return I expect a system that is nigh on flawless. It keeps on breaking down.


Wouldn’t it be great if that came with a magic server elf who would make everything run the way the user majority would like it to? I do think they notified us well about the downtime, which was nice. I still want the elf.


Seems to be having errors again. New orders show up as delivered and no messages showing up despite some being posted. And some conversion pages say they are not available due to technical issues .__.


A magic server elf would be fun!


Hello, I suggest to Everyone, If you are using social media then start following FIVERR.
every maintenance and down time will be updated in fiverr authorized social media platform. So its easy to get update.

Hope this information is valuable for everyone.

Now Fiverr currently working absolutely fine. :slight_smile: