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Is Fiverr down right now for anyone? 01/26/2021

Hey everyone, I keep getting messages on Fiverr, I see several notifications on my phone during the last 30 minutes but when I try to access the site, I get a 404 error page.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Hi, it’s working for me at the moment (desktop+mobile) :+1:

Edit : I am in France

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Thank you for letting me know @teramangala , I appreciate it.

Edit: I still can’t access the website. I get the “whoops” page.

The buyer messaging me was in Northern Europe.
I can also confirm people in the US can see the website.

This is weird.

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I only face this 404 error on Fiverr Forum…

Now how Solve this …?

  • By Reopening browser again… and
  • By Removing Cookies…

That’s really painful… I face this couple of times everyday on Fiverr Forum…

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That is completely different.

We are not getting the same error page.

Oh… Ok… But anyway why I face 404 error on Fiverr Forum…?

OK it was a mini black-out affecting Southern Europe.

It’s back online now so I will close the thread.

Thank you!


Issue was resolved.