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Is Fiverr Dying? level 2, low traffic (SOLVED)

i’m a seller since 2016, i have experienced some months when the orders are down, but now it’s really weird how i’m not getting orders on level two and the traffic is very low, i was hoping after i passed the tests that my account is going to do better, but everything still the same. does anyone is facing this problem? share your thoughts


I don’t have a problem getting orders. But I get a lot of referrals and repeat clients.


do you have any advises for me, i forgot to mention that i wasn’t working last year because some personal problems. by the way the sellers on my category are not getting a lot of orders !!!

Well you should’ve start from that instead of assuming that fiverr is dead.
Fiverr is doing great but for your gig they are changing search position if you are absent for a long time or out of the office .


i agree, but it’s been 4 months now and nothing has changed, is this normal ?

From looking at some of your reviews over the last two years which I counted over 40 “cancelled order seller failed to deliver” fiverr must think you are the dead one by now. I stopped counting at around 40 of those.

Apparently you simply ignore most of your orders.

In the past year you had over 30 of them. So why would fiverr keep getting you orders?


i told you that i wasn’t working last year, so is my account dead now ? no chance to make it active again ?

How is fiverr supposed to tell that now you are working? You could have activated out of office mode.

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that was a mistake when i didn’t activate the office mode, i will be very thankful if you have an advice for me

I asked you a question which you haven’t answered. I don’t have advice for this, as I’ve never seen so many ignored orders before.

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So you skipped work for about a year and now you are wondering why the marketplace moved on from you?

Fiverr is alive and well I assure you.


i will try to get some orders from social media to see if fiverr’s search engine will mark me as an active user, i hope that will work, thank you and i really appreciate your time

i was wondering because i reached the level two and the traffic still low, and also the sellers on the same category are not getting a lot of orders.

I think what people are trying to explain to you is that by taking a year out where you must have ignored all of the orders coming in, you may have done serious, long-lasting damage to your account. Damage that you may not ever be able to fix. If I were looking for your services, and saw how many 1-star reviews you had, I would move on and find another seller. Lots of other buyers will feel the same way. Your review score is hurting you, and with so many 1-stars, your account may never fully recover from it.

If you’re now truly taking Fiverr seriously, you either need to persevere, and accept that things are going to be even harder for you now (due to your own actions), or consider starting again from zero. If you wanted to do that, you would have to contact Customer Support, as they would delete your current account and provide you with a brand new one. You would lose ALL your reviews/gigs etc… But it would at least be a clean slate.

Like others have said, Fiverr is definitely not dead or dying.


You must be joking, clearly.

A) that couldn’t be farther from the truth

B) you have no way of knowing that

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Thank you so much for your advises, i will try to do better in the next months, if i didn’t mention any change, i will go ahead and start from zero, thank you so much for your time.

i don’t know, i was checking the other gigs, some sellers with +1k reviews got only 3 orders in a month

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Fiverr says it’s doing very well, thank you, you don’t need to send flowers just yet.

Levels don’t guarantee anything. I’d recommend to not completely pause for such a long duration and expect everything will be the same when you return.

My hot tip for ‘need time out’ situations, set up so that you’ll continue to work with a few regular clients.

You might need to get a boost from outside of Fiverr now, to make the algorithm interested in you again more quickly.


I will sound like a broken record but you don’t know what you are talking about.

There is no public indicator on people’s profiles to show how many orders they got, you are biased and see things rather distorted.

By the way:

I just spent 10 minutes scrolling past your negative reviews.

You want to look for another reason for what you are experiencing? Be my guest.

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That’s what will do, thank you so much for your help