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Is Fiverr Dying?

Ive been a seller on Fiverr, as a voiceover, for 6 years now (five of those as a top rated seller)
Lately (the past 6 months) my sales on here have dropped from about 20 per day to 1.
At one point 95% of my income came from Fiverr.
There doesn’t seem to be the demand on here anymore.

Is anyone else finding this?

Dunno about 6 months but this month has been painfully slow which I guess is probably cause of summer vacations.


it’s all happen about after pro league started!! now everyone feeling same!!

You must have backup source of income!! you can’t relia… on fiverr

It did start about that time but the voiceover are in no way competing with the normal fiverr voicovers because they want $200 plus where as the normal fiverr VO’s want $5

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That is not accurate. Or if it is, it’s just your personal experience.

There is a definite drop in traffic/sales for the past couple of months for sure. And it affects everyone, regardless of level/status/seniority.

Most of the people who post about their experience tend to point towards this past April/May as the starting point.

Interesting fact: I’ve been talking to other creatives (mostly animation studios) from around the globe, outside of Fiverr and it seems that they are experiencing the same slow months as us.

So maybe there’s a bigger picture here and it’s not Platform specific?

Are we experiencing a global saturation in the gig economy? Are there too many freelancers/studios out there?


@ssj1236 that’s so true. One of my clients on another platform gave me a 1 month work to be completed ASAP because He will be going on a vacation. Do Sellers go on vacation too? lol