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Is Fiverr encouraging bad buyers by giving them 100% refund?


You work for two weeks. You pay for other services required to complete your order and then the buyer says, I did not like it let’s cancel or they never respond after hitting revision button. And Fiverr gives them 100% refund for exploiting the seller.


The solution is simple… don’t accept the cancellation request. if you did the work according to the terms of the order, the terms of Fiverr, and according to what the buyer requested, then you should get paid for that work.

Fiverr’s TOS specifically states: “Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page.”

I recommend that you read the Terms of Service. You can find it linked from the bottom of any Fiverr site page.


If you don’t accept the cancellation request, I guess buyer can’t get the refund. I had one order delivered. Buyer was happy. But when he went to accept and review my service, mistakenly ordered two gig extras. So finally he requested to cancel the order. I worked hard for him and order value was $80. I didn’t accept his cancellation request and promised if he buys in future, I will adjust $10.
I think if you deliver right service, you have right to dishonor buyer’s cancellation request.


This is a great way to handle situations like this.


If you don’t accept cancelation then order will be there forever in your orders.


It is good but I work on minimum budget like $100 and $150. My average selling price is somewhat around $350. So I can’t give my buyers such an offer as $10 is nothing in this case and if I promise to adjust in hundreds then I lose my money.


Jonbaas, Fiverr doesn’t do anything, that’s why I had to put it here. They have only one sentence to say. Please solve this matter with your buyer as we cannot mark this as completed.


That’s what I have experienced.


$10 was the price of 2 gig extra. Thus I wanted to refund all his unintended order. Your case may be different than me. You will decide accordingly.
I just tried to explain if you want, you can keep your money declining buyer’s dispute.


It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to solve issues with your buyers. Fiverr told you to hand the issue because it is YOUR responsibility as a freelancer and seller, to learn how to manage your work, success, and buyer relations.


I have face the incidence one time ! buyer took my files and escape with his money by canceled the order through customer care ! Fiverr need to arrange seller protection.


You’re right. Don’t accepting cancelation is never going to solve anything in our favor. Eventually, buyer will have his refund, a GREAT GOOD and FREE work, and we have to accept that we lost money and time.


It’s a freaking system that has not been fixed since the first fiverr stands.

I suggest you use $ 5 if your product is of low quality.
That will minimize the refund


All your services start at $5…what are you trying to say about yourself?


If you are selling a $ 100 product.
Then the refund rate is high.

If you are selling a $ 5 product.
Then your refund rate is low.

I’ve been in fiverr for 4 years since the fiverr stood up.
Used to use blackhate.
Now only 1 account


I can say absolutely that customer support does not automatically give refunds. They are very experienced with matters between sellers and buyers and can tell if the buyer deserves a refund or not.

Just because a seller delivers something does not mean they should not have to give a refund ever. Customer support knows when a buyer deserves a refund but if they don’t they never give them one, just because they asked.

This is true. If you are a seller you will always have a difficult buyer at times and it is up to the seller to professionally handle the buyer.


That seems like a vast overgeneralization.

I don’t know if this is something you should be talking about on a public forum, even if it is something of the past?


That is a paypal dispute.

Payment gateway paypal always win against buyer.
It is a system that has not been completed for 4 years.

I myself have lost $ 50 but I just kept quiet.

Because the dispute via paypal


This problem can be hidden.
But it will bring further problems at high level sellers because they bring huge money in their accounts


I know you’re talking about Paypal disputes, and I agree that it’s unfair and flawed, but that has nothing to do with the pricing of one specific product.

As a writer, I can do $50 orders on a gig that starts at $5, just because of the word count in place, so I don’t see how absolute product price correlates with that.