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Is fiverr forum helpful for getting orders?

What do you think?Is this forum helpful for getting orders?


Who is your target audience? Are they spending time on this forum?

It’s mostly sellers who is spending time here. Are we your target audience?
Otherwise it’s highly unlikely you will get orders through forum.
Check this topic and how many people said that they never received any orders from the forum :point_down:


Is that why you’re replying to every topic today? :joy:

I don’t think so. It’s mostly sellers here and buyers wouldn’t order from you just because you write “wish you good luck” under 20 topics.


Short answer: no.

Long answer: nooooooooo.


I use the forums to help and enjoy a community of like minded freelancers all doing the same thing as me, using Fiverr. It’s not to earn more sales.

I also think it reveals a lot about people and quite frankly the more I see of people the less I want to order from them (in most cases) i.e. if you have a proofreading gig and post your bad English across the forums. Not a good advertisement.


In forum you can ask for advice and tips to improve your gigs and services. If you ask for orders it is most likely that your post will be flagged by others. :slight_smile:


Helpful how?

If you’re asking whether you’ll get orders after posting “This is great to know”, “Thanks for this wonderful piece of information”, and so on, as often as you can, the answer is no. Cluttering the forum with countless “thank you” posts will not bring you sales; if anyone notices your posts at all, they’ll remember you as someone who’s got nothing to say.

However, if you read the forum a lot (and I mean a lot, your current reading time is 1 hour, which is nothing), you might learn useful things, and how to become a better seller. That might bring you sales, if you really learn and apply what you’ve learned.



I would say there is one way the forum is helpful, and another way that it is not.

  1. The forum is helpful if you are using it to get tips, updates, and strategies to improve your gigs
  2. It is not helpful it you are referring to some hidden point system to increase your “rank”, because as far as I can tell it does not have any impact on this

Hope that helps! :blush:



Thanks for the information

Ok thanks for letting me know

It surely did sir. Thanks


Ok. I understand your point

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Haha. Thats a nice reply sir

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Yea first order get then how time to get more orders…Fiverr forum is helpful…then I don’t get orders…iam waiting

I think it is helpful. Because many experienced sellers share their experience and advice “How to get more order”. Which is very helpful for getting the order.

You don’t get orders directly from this forum, you just learn how to handle things as a seller.