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Is Fiverr forum section only meant for sellers?


Is Fiverr forum section only meant for sellers? I mean can Buyers see and use the forum?


Of course, the forum is for everyone!


Many sellers are also buyers themselves, so obviously that means the forum is for everyone. If you’re still not feeling sure about it, you can disguise yourself as a buying seller :smiley:

Oh, wait, maybe you had something else on your mind: maybe you are afraid that your buyers could come on the Forum and see your posts?


You are right.If his female buyers read his comment about girl qualities, he might be in lack of sales. Lol :joy:


No, why should I be afraid about buyers seeing my posts lol?

I would actually be happy to let my buyers know more about me outside of my business mindset :slight_smile:

In fact that’s the very reason I asked the question to make sure Forum is for everyone not just seller profiles.

I know sellers can be buyers too. I mainly referred to those members who purely joined Fiverr as Buyers.


haha @anjylina

wow, you’re still remembering my “girl comment” in that post? Some people have tough time digesting jokes and sarcasms lol.

and I think you missed a lot of my female friendly posts after that haha

Talking about female buyers, yes I did have some female clients like singers and voice over artists that I’ve worked with… latter was a great experience :slight_smile:

though I have to say, the singer was terrible to say the least. She had no idea how to sing in music’s tempo and key. She was a rookie.

(now don’t take it seriously as a joke for another week or two lol cause it’s NOT )


No I didn’t bother to read any post of yours after that “girl comment”.-

I opened this thread when I saw @Woofy31 's reply and yeah I remember your comment.:rage:


Ummm are you serious you don’t know about a REALLY AMAZING REGULAR buyer here on forum? :confused:




Y’all talking about little ol’ me? :blush:


Any doubt… :hugging:


Yes, you, our fav’wheat buh’er :smiley: Why did I spell it like that? For two reasons: (i) to serve you as a pronunciation challenge; (ii) to prevent newbie sellers from attacking you with requests to buy their gigs :joy:


Some people need to come into the 21st century. I’m shocked that in a workplace in particular there are those who don’t realize that it’s not ok to talk about gender, especially in a superior way.

This is meant for sellers, buyers, and everyone. Please refrain from talking as if females are separate and inferior or have other specific qualities that sound as if you think one gender is better than the other.

And this includes mentioning that you think when women use their photos it is the equivalent of an unfair advantage.


Under which Fiverr ToS it is mentioned that sarcasm doesn’t work in such a case?? So, you’re indirectly trying to convey that I am not entitled for expressing my own sarcasms?.. even if it doesn’t violate any rules???

and may I know what “offensive” word did I use that you flagged my comment??

Kindly explain.

which word are you talking about that needs removal??


No ToS violation - just common sense that sarcasm doesn’t work when it’s text based. People take what you type at face value.

I didn’t flag your post - others may have done.

Look at your post - last sentence, first word - starts with the letter J - not offensive, just not appropriate in my opinion.


That entire post is offensive on so many levels.


Why do you assume one person flagged your post? It was The Community of many users flagging your post. Don’t come into our Community, turning it into trivial mush.


Actually, when sarcasm is not clearly sarcasm, as seems to be the case here, there is potential for it to be seen as a violation of ToS quoted below:

Communication on Fiverr should be friendly, constructive, and professional. Fiverr condemns bullying, harassment, and hate speech towards others. Violation of our Terms of Service around these issues can result in having your account put on hold or even permanently disabled.

For this reason, my personal recommendation would be to minimize sarcasm, especially when it comes to generalizing any particular groups. For example, I sometimes use sarcasm with @fonthaunt as I know her well and if I went too far she would tell me and understand I did not mean anything by it. However, with a large group of people I cannot control how what I say is perceived or understood - so I choose not to do that.


Why should I remove “Jesus” word from my comment??? :confused:

In 21st century, has this become an offensive/inappropriate word?

God save us humans now

No, I won’t remove it. You can talk to the moderators They will decide whether it needs removal or not (including the other member’s idea who thinks this entire post is offensive on multiple levels as per her imagination).

It just shows that person’s narrow mindedness on multiple levels as well.

and I am new to the forum so don’t know how this flagging works. No one has the right to decide who will be part of the forum and who will not be.

Moderators/staff members of Fiverr decides it.

I can very well flag every comment on my post for trying to involve me in irrelevant topics not related to my original post.

But I won’t do it.

Thanks @eoinfinnegan for commenting. I know this very well what you said. Not all people however are as friendly as you can see. They leave no stone unturned and jump to conclusions quickly.

Sarcasms are a thing of intelligent people… both when it comes to self sarcasm or sarcasm of common isssues or opinions that they have

edit: I flagged just one comment. I want it removed as it falsely claims my post is offensive :rage:


Post running way off topic.