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Is Fiverr glitching today?


A seller delivered an order to me today. I tipped her as usual, and asked her to send another custom order as i always do upon completion. She hasn’t responded, which in itself is not necessarily a problem as I know sellers have lives outside of Fiverr. But I notice the feedback I left hours ago still isn’t showing on the sales page, only on her profile page. So I am wondering if messages/notifications might be glitching since the review isn’t making it through hours later. Anyone else noticing any delays?


Yes lately these have been slow to post. However messages have gone through normally.


Ok, good to know. The review still isn’t showing on her sales page, but it finally says it wasn’t given 5 minutes ago on her profile page. I will remain patient (something I struggle with) and not send another message. Thank you.


Yes I think it’s a site wide bug.


same problem that I am facing . I dont know what to say


Hopefully it isn’t spilling over into messages at all. I would really have liked to get this order started almost 8 hours ago, and as each hour passes by without hearing from her I am leaning towards it is. She always gets back to me within an hour or two during the day.