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Is Fiverr going worried for Old Seller?

I talked with some older sellers who worked over 500+ projects. But they are not getting enough sell. I asked them to share the reason:

  1. Due to rating system each month some of the good sellers lost their level 2 badge. Their gigs fall down to search from the front page.
  2. Some seller sharing that buyer offering lower price where some other new seller gives the lower rate. Buyer arguing in that matter.

So what other causes do you think? How we can get back our golden days…


hi thank for your sharing. I agree with you. How we can get rid of this.

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Yes i agree that sells have been down since level system i am here on fiverr since last 1 year was getting good sales but since the new level system i got demoted but thats what life is about if there will be no challenge then there will be no fun in living it

Perhaps some sellers are having troubles now, but some are doing better than ever. I wouldn’t make too many assumptions. Many sellers with higher prices are just now entering their “golden days.” The rating system has been tough, I agree, but it has also helped in some ways.


I am not sure what this means, but the level system was not demoted. We have a new level system.

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I think he’s trying to say he got demoted?

For me personally, my sales have been pretty good, and I’m an old seller for sure! :slight_smile:


Same here and my sales and prices are up.


Hello zeus777 you are lucky…

Yes thats what i am trying to say i got demoted not the system sorry typing mistake @fonthaunt

There is a bit of luck, I’m sure.
But I’d like to believe the rest is hard work and skill. :wink:

After finished 700+ projects, a buyer canceled an order unfortunately. Lost level 2 last month. My sell fall down. Is it good luck :slight_smile:

I am one of those old sellers that get fewer and fewer orders, but oddly I am not that scared of this. Instead I decided that since I have more time now, I could update my gig and really work on my website.

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Great. Is it your personal website?

Yep. I am so excited about this!!! :blush:

NO, you don’t even nobody do get. Exclusive Golden era running for PRO newbie sellers only :smile: :wink: :blush:

Excited to see your site :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately I don’t think I can share it here.

Yes it is true i have almost completed 4k Plus order with 90% buyer is ratted and the remaining is not ratting,
First my gig was on the first page and first or second row, but it goes suddenly from first page to seventh page,
Second now the sales is very low as compare to earlier sales, due to new algorithm and Policy and i have lost many of my client without knowing the reason, some directly clime that Fiverr increase their fees so it is costly for us,
And now a days a client is also not leaving the feedback, and they mark the order is completed without leaving the feedback, so every time we have beg him for ratting…
and much more,