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Is fiverr good for beginners?

in your fiverr account

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But before I could reply to a buyer request, I will be having like 80 to 99 offer sent. There no assurance since am new seller what should I do please advice me. Thanks

Fiverr is wonderful for beginners because of the low entry barriers. The only thing you need is a skill that people are willing to pay for, and the only thing you need to invest is some time to research and set up your Gigs. Fiverr are giving everyone a chance. What they make of that chance is on them.


You don’t need our help. You need to help yourself, start reading, researching, learning. Everything I could tell you to help you is written somewhere on the forum already, freely available.
Here’s one advice though (which you can read like a thousand times on the forum already too, as I said) - if you tell people to contact you elsewhere, you’ll be banned from the platform before you can even get your first gig.

You apparently haven’t read Fiverr’s Terms of Service which you agreed to when signing up. Please do yourself the favour and do that ASAP.


There is no other market place that supports new comer like fiverr,so fiverr is the best for beginners @mukkygold

You need to be good enough at a service to be able to deliver that service in high quality, so for a “service” you can’t really be a beginner at it on Fiverr as you may get a low rating/bad review which could stop orders after the first review from it. So for those who are beginners in a particular service, Fiverr doesn’t really have much for it.

Though for “new sellers” (eg. who are able to do the gigs they create well), Fiverr does promote them like has been said. There’s just no intermediate step on Fiverr for those starting out at a particular service who may not be good enough at that service at the beginning.


Promote your GIG on social platforms

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Thanks for explaining what Fiverr is to people on the actual Fiverr forum…


Basically I love to use Linkedin and Twitter. By the way sometimes I used facebook group and pages to share my service. We should focus on LinkedIn.

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