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Is Fiverr good platform for Backed-end Programmer?

Is Fiverr good platform for Backed-end Programmer? I am not getting any sales since last 7 months. My gig is more competitive that others. Please give solutions.

You’ll never know if Fiverr is right for you until you give it a try. Build a great gig, offer a fantastic service, and see what happens. As a freelancer, your gigs are a business. Businesses grow by trial and experimentation. If you don’t take risks and try something, how will you ever know if that something will help or hurt your business?


I am taking risk since last 7 months. Not helped.

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Your recent delivery was 9 days ago so business appears to be picking up.

This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


What risks have you been taking? Give me a list of the actions you have been tirelessly pursuing in the last seven months.

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  1. I contacted old buyer to contact me again for new gig purchase with benefits
  2. Social shared every gig in every month
  3. Refer to so many email ids
  4. Gig price drooped from $10 to 5 for 2 simple issue fix
  5. Have taken gig description is unique to others. Price is drooped for big project.

Is there anything I need to check again?

Yes - don’t send former clients messages encouraging them to buy from you again. It could quite rightly be counted as spam. :wink:


Yes may be but not sure

Sending unsolicited spam to past buyers could get your Fiverr account banned, suspended, or deleted. Fiverr does not tolerate spam. You should not be contacting other sellers begging them for sales. Fiverr buyers come to you if they need your services.

Are your target customers connected to you on your social media accounts? Or are you just posting your links for your friends to see? Social media is NOT an effective place to market your services, UNLESS you are directly connected to your customers, and your customers are the ones seeing your repeated link posts.

I have no idea what this means. To me, this sounds a bit spammy too. You should not be sending unsolicited emails to people begging for sales either.

Dropping your gig prices is not going to improve your gigs unless you are targeting your customer’s needs. From what I’m hearing, though, you don’t seem to know who your target customers are, and that is the most important thing you need to know before you can become a successful seller and freelancer.

Again, this makes no sense, and is hardly a risk to grow your business. It sounds like you’re taking your gigs, throwing them at a wall, and seeing what sticks. That is not an effective marketing strategy. Who are your target customers, and where are they located? Figure this out, and you’ll know where to start promoting your services.

Right now, I’m just not seeing any real risks, nor any effective gig management on your part. Have you read the Fiverr forum? There are plenty of tips and advice here on what you SHOULD be doing. Scraping the bottom of the barrel for any kind of random sale is not going to grow your gigs.

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Can you help what is the problem here? What should I need to improve here?