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Is Fiverr (Intentionally?) Sabotaging The Search Results In Favor Of Certain Sellers?


This is an open letter to the Fiverr community, Fiverr’s administration, staff and Fiverr support.

Since December 2016, our best selling gig has been constantly in and out of the search results.

I wrote about it before and apparently not only this hasn’t happened to anyone else, but people suggested that it’s nothing to worry about. To quote @misscrystal “We do not have the answer to why some very popular gigs are not shown more prominently.”

Or our friend @writer99025 who also suggested that nobody knows how the algorithm works.

Regardless, this has nothing to do with the algorithm.

I am talking about a gig with almost 3000 reviews NOT showing up at all. NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. Kapoof. Completely gone.

(the funny thing is that this is currently happening to another gig of ours)

There was a thread where @emmaki wrote a comment about “nepotism”.

I considered it too far fetched. However, given the fact that this has not reportedly happened to anybody else, perhaps someone’s gig here who is competing with ours is being favored by this “search removals”?

Not making any accusations (yet), but this simply does not make sense. Just wondering…for the time being.

If you add on top of this that @fiverrsupport

  1. has not permanently solved this issue
  2. They occasionally ignore our tweets
  3. They are stalling when it comes to replying to tickets being filed (last time we had been waiting for a response for almost 10 consecutive days!)
  4. They have not provided any sort of explanation regarding why this happened.

Then emmaki’s comment seems to be much more realistic.

And because I am not some lunatic or weirdo who enjoys wasting valuable business time in order to complain on the forum for no reason, here is the unshakable proof that what I mentioned about the search results is true.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts on this.


I see that the gig in question has 16 orders in the queue.
My main gig disappeared when I had 12 orders in queue which is unusual for me as most of my work is larger orders. I was showing up quite high in the listings and then one day I noticed I just had no messages or orders so I checked and sure enough, the gig could not be found. When I delivered a chunk of the orders I got my position back again quite quickly afterwards.
This makes logical sense to me.
If a seller gets a large amount of orders in a short space of time then it is prudent for Fiverr to be careful not to overload them. It also gives other sellers a chance to get some work. I have also noticed that having an order run late will definitely move you down or out of the results.


I can see your gig in the search results.


@spxmac I can see it too. It’s somewhere in the fourth row of results. No search filters applied


1st page tada


did you limit orders in Queue ?


Hi, I stand by what I said, there is nothing intentional, it’s just the algorithm. There are no special favors to anyone.


Most of us who have been here a long time have experienced this and long ago stopped trying to figure out why it happens.


Yes, it happens. Gigs appear and disappear. Mine do. TRS’s see it, forum mods see it, regular users see it. There’s no issue with proving that gigs move up and down and even sometimes out of search.

The fact is that Fiverr sellers are offered a platform to sell their gigs on. Some succeed and some struggle and effort gives you an edge but that’s all. If self-employment was easier, almost no one would work for a boss. Fiverr doesn’t guarantee that you will stay on Fiverr at all, they can cancel your account if they wish. They sure don’t guarantee you any kind of advertising whether it’s placement in search or in other ads. You don’t pay them anything either, unless you sell something first. That’s different from most sites like this - most of them charge you up front and some give you certain guarantees for that and some don’t.

I’m sorry you are unhappy with your search rankings. I’ve not always been happy with mine either. Customer Support has helped me on occasion, like when my gigs didn’t come back after I was on Vacation Mode. I figure the rest of my traffic and promotion is up to me. I’m not arguing with your post. I don’t see any favoritism unless its related to the few sellers who have earned special things like featured gigs or perhaps Ambassador status. That’s not many.

As far as nepotism, that term is more applicable to people who work for a company and a husband works directly for his wife or two people in a relationship do something against that company nepotism policy. I don’t see any way that might apply here. I didn’t see emmaki’s comment but my guess would be she might have joked about people sleeping with staff to get ranking. With millions of gigs on Fiverr, that would have little affect even if it was true.

The real point is that there are no guarantees. Fiverr does respond to tickets fairly consistently in my experience unless they get hassled or spammed. While they do state that they try to get to tickets with a day or two, the timing can vary a lot. It’s just a free platform, not a job. If it has glitches you don’t like or problems you aren’t happen with, there are other platforms. Making your own site to sell services is another alternative, but costly. You’ll sure get top rank on your own site, though. Regarding search here - good luck and join the club and keep up the effort! :mountain_bicyclist:


One word. Bug. (As in code, -not- as in CS).

I’ve noticed that portions of this site are built on some sort of platform (or a combination of them). It’s not a great one. Popular, yes (that’s how I noticed) but not great.

I’m sure the search algorithm is also based on a popular but not great algorithm. Don’t get mad at me Fiverr, it’s not like the almighty “G” of searching is any better right now. I’ve noticed the same Gigs repeating in search results over and over also (the last time I looked, which was a while ago). Exactly the same behavior that is annoyingly obvious on some site’s comment systems. In fact, it may not even be the algorithm; it’s probably a database read/write error. Or a combination. Or maybe even an inherent design limitation, or a way of planning a system in general.

Basically, computer programming ain’t what it used to be. Originally, you tested a program over and over, until you couldn’t get it to break. And I mean actually tested it by doing stupid things and trying to cause problems, not running another program to “automatically” test it for you using standard values (guess you can tell how highly I think of test suites). Then it went live, and if you made a mistake you were very sorry (in more ways than one).

Today it’s more of a ‘type and pray’ atmosphere. No disrespect to Fiverr intended, because larger and more powerful companies are frequently a lot worse.

You can’t fix it if you don’t know what’s wrong. If it was a repeatable, predictable result, it could be found and fixed. Note I said could and not would - modern bug tracking systems seem to have a “won’t fix” flag, if that makes any sense at all.

Basically, it doesn’t work quite right all of the time. Like pretty much everything on computers right now. I don’t think companies would appreciate me calling out all of their errors right here though.

It’s NOT a search removal. It may even be BECAUSE your Gig is so popular. I didn’t check if you’re from the US, but you might have heard of the original healthcare marketplace site and it’s problems. If not, I’m sure you can find it in a search engine, if you can get past the gibberish auto-suggest systems and “we know you asked for this, but that’s not what we wanted to show you because we have something much better” systems.

There’s a hypothesis. Are the results more consistent for unpopular Gigs than popular ones? Maybe someone with more time than me should try monitoring that.

In the meantime, try to sell more. The more you sell, the more Fiverr makes, the more programmers they can hire, and therefore the more chance they’ll get someone who can fix it (and will be allowed to). Whatever “it” is.


I don’t think it’s prudent for Fiverr to be careful “not to overload” a Seller just because they got many orders in a short amount of time.

If they seller cannot handle the orders, this will be shown by the orders going late. If the seller can handle them, what’s the issue then?

By the way, none of our orders has ever gone late, so that’s removed from the equation.

Either way this does not explain that CS had been ignoring our tickets for over a week. And then replied by saying something that made no sense like “uhm…what’s the issue with your order?”


Yeah…as soon as I wrote this publicly, created a new ticket, and sent a series of tweets on Twitter that tagged the CEO as well, the was gig magically placed back in search.


@compie Of course I didn’t limit the orders in the queue.



Take a look here

Impressions had been soaring for months at 5-10k per day.

Then suddenly drops close to zero. Normal?


Oh, also there is this from Customer Support. I’ve hidden the names cause I am not pointing fingers to them, they have tried to help.

As it seems there had been indeed a technical issue with our gig back in December. It has not been permanently resolved ever since.


What kind of gig is that for?


I honestly think it depends on your activity. You get a lot of sales + 5 star reviews, you will be AND stay at the top.


… or they messed around in the database until it came back.

Public shaming is frequently an effective bug reporting method. I should know. :grinning:


Copywriting. What does it matter though?


Not the case. See the screenshots I posted.


That would have affected several gigs and not just one.

Apparently, something else is going on here.