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Is Fiverr Itself Gaming Pro Gig Reviews?


Ok, so here I am doing a bit of niche investigation to get some new gig ideas and I find a Pro gig with a review! Yey! They are selling. Everybody clap hands and sing Kumbaya. BUT the review has been left by Fiverr itself. (Or at least that’s how it looks).

Is Fiverr buying Pro Gigs to give them some review leverage? Anyway, see attached:

bad fiverr


That must be the one fiverr purchased from a seller here. Paul said he sold a gig to fiverr.


Does Pal create social media memes or is Paul the business writer? If the latter, this is a different seller and a different gig.


I think he is just a business writer.


I smell desperation…and no it’s not me.


In that case, Fiverr is either gaming reviews or they have simply decided to sack everybody in marketing and buy from their own marketplace. Could work. Bit mental though.


Maybe someone in marketing decided buying them is easier than doing it himself.


Yea, if we weren’t talking about $1,700 on two gigs. How much do people in marketing get paid?


WOW! Hey fiverr I can write articles and make memes too hit me up.

They must have an expense account to buy things with.


Yeah, I’m going to go PC on this one too. This might, after all, have been some kind of quality control measure. That’ll be it.


All things aside, it’s shady, legit shady.


I would like to see the article and meme they got.


it’s all about loosing game :slight_smile: genius will get understand :smile:


I have sold two gigs to Fiverr and am working on a third. No gaming of reviews here, just work ordered, completed, paid for, and reviewed.


Why is it shady? Fiverr is a business seeking freelance services.


Why don’t they buy from us, the regular sellers?


How do we know how much they actually spent on the gig? Couldn’t the seller could have accepted an offer for $5 or something instead of the >$1000? It doesn’t show on the reviews whether the buyer accepted an offer or paid a normal gig price.


Yeah but if I sold something for $1,000 and said that I would drop the price to $5 just for you, you would probably leave me a 5-star review and that would be kind of gaming the system itself, due to the fact that other people are going to assume you spent $1,000.

Like I said, though, they are probably just doing a bit quality control or covering for the latest marketing whizz who accidentally ate themselves into an instant coffee coma.


If Fiverr wanted to keep the review system independent/unbiased, while also buying a service and maybe checking quality control shouldn’t they not leave a review? Also shouldn’t they make it (the Fiverr app) so that the purchases they make have as little effect as possible (eg. on the search engine etc.) - to keep it independent/unbiased?


Sorry, I ran out of oats for my hypothesizing horse about an hour ago. I’ll be all out of new ideas until about 9-am tomorrow. That said, you would think so, yes.