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Is Fiverr just a way to make money in between jobs for you


If it is you should take a look at my gig about resume editing!

A lot of the time employers overlook you because of your resume and the way it is presented.

A good resume speaks volumes about your personality!

Make a proactive decision and get your first impression PERFECT! Just take a look at my gig!!



Reply to @madmoo: Thanks! Ill do it now, let me know what you think :wink:


I agree with madmoo. right now this is just my spending money and my hair dye etc money I would love to make it a full time job, but I don’t have time to advertise etc and with the sales I have, it keeps me pretty busy.


Reply to @madmoo: Very well said!


Fiverr is a major source of my income. I’m a freelancer and jack of many trades… all of which I enjoy doing. The more effort you put into it , the more it will give back in return thats for sure.