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Is Fiverr just for fun, or is it your full-time job? [ARCHIVED]

Hey guys,

Fiverr has been good to me, but it’s not a full-time job yet. Far from it.

So, here’s the $5 question: Do you Fiverr on your spare time or is it your full time job?

Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Awesome, grandma! How do you Fiverr anyway? Do you promote your gigs somewhere?

Full time.

Well I will defently go for full time soon :slight_smile:

Well I can say it’s my full time.The amount of what I’m earning on fiverr every month is the amount of the minimum wage here in my area and I enjoyed it a lot :slight_smile:

My family tree gig is my second job, I love what I am doing but I am constantly working at it. I walk in the door from my day job and my computer gets immedialy flipped on, if I am not working on an order then i am madly marketing my gig. I spend all weekend working on the gig also


I do fiverr as a part-time. Full time option is for those who have a large and constant flow or orders coming. But fiverr is like fun plus earning. Its always nice to convert your skills and talent to an extra source of income.

Reply to apache: I concur

just for fun.

Nowadays just for fun, but it kept me busy and productive when I was unemployed for a few month.

as I have always said “it keeps me off the streets” lol

Well… Part time here on fiverr in addition to my 8-5 M-F job + getting my MBA. It helps pay bills and feed my doggies!!

I would consider Fiverr full time, but since I work online it’s a little different than comparing to a 9-5 job. Revenue wise I’d have to say Fiverr generates a ‘Decent’ paying job on it’s own. (Most of the time).

Sure, there’s slow spots but that’s to be expected. And if you’re careful you plan for it.

The beauty of Fiverr is that once you get the ball rolling, it really rolls. I think around 65-70 percent of my gig sales are repeat clients now. I know that doesn’t leave a lot of growth for new clients, but slowly they come. Once in a while Fiverr sticks me back up to the top in my category. I love it when that happens because it gives me a chance to earn new regular clients. Contrary to some of my other posts, I really love Fiverr for the little push every now and then.

I would love to do it full time. That’s the goal, anyway. Not sure it’ll happen in the near future, but I hope sooner rather than later. Right now, it helps pay the bills, and I’m appreciative of that!

Reply to goodgift: I agree, I would love to do it full time and yet it is still helping fill the end of the month financial hole I seem to have

Part time here, as I co-own a Marketing Company that takes up 98% of my time. I like the ability to come in and be creative, which I miss being a business owner. My days are filled now with taxes, payroll, clients, sales, etc. So I come into Fiverr looking for my old friend, creativity! I usually do my Fiverr stuff at night while watching a movie or something.

I would love to do it full time. that’s the way I apply my hobby. ~O)

I would love it to be full time but just not getting enough orders to quit a job. Sometimes it’s consistent for a while but then no more orders come through for weeks. If there was a way to pay to have my gig promoted, to bring in consist orders, I might be able to get more consistency.

Reply to @yankee77: My family tree gig runs hot and cold also but it seems when I have backed off marketing it myself that it runs cold

It’s part of my full-time job. I’m a freelance writer full-time and have various sources of income. Fiverr is more of a part-time thing for me though since the rates I charge on the site are much lower than those I charge outside of the site. The benefit of Fiverr though is that I have feedback on there and get orders coming in on a regular basis, which doesn’t always happen on other sites that I work at. The downside is that I lose the rights so can’t use the work in my online portfolio - although I do use some of the work in my offline portfolio and make that clear to buyers.