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Is Fiverr just for fun, or is it your full-time job? [ARCHIVED]


It has amazingly turned into a very nice part time income…didn’t intend on making this much from it


It can turn into a full time job if you want it to. The more time and effort you put into Fiverr the more rewarding it will be. Some people if not most use it for some added passive income. You get to choose which way you want to use it.


It is pretty full time for me as my primary gig requires a lot of reading. I am home all day with the kids anyway, but not yet making full-time income. Hope to soon!


Its part time for now… the idea is though, that I will be able to combine my fiverr work with travelling, so that i can keep an income generating whilst cycling around the world.


Part-time…I use it to finance my other online business, buying software licenses, services, new laptop, etc.


Sometimes more than full time!


Fiverr is where I get 90% of my clientele as a graphic designer. I make a lot of friends and a lot of repeat customers on Fiverr. people like and respect my work. I have a website and long standing blog but I don’t get too much business from either. both are more of a passion and for fun. I have been considering shutting down the graphic design website or editing it to pursue new ventures.


Fiverr is part time but the money I get is more than my salary.

I meet many new friend and get constant business with them. Fiverr is like my work office.


Well I sure don’t earn a salary per se some months. But, I’m disabled with epilepsy so the revenues I do earn help me when I need the extra. I also use the funds for Fiverr gigs for my blog and for personal use.


fiverr is my “sandwich” time job (the job between jobs) as I work for myself I am always here and always on line, I do some of my real paid job then see an order has come in do the gig then back to my work and so forth but…

I don’t take the cash out of fiverr I leave it in because…

well some of my work is done by other fiverrs! :slight_smile:

by the time I have lost $1 out of the $5 I have $4 by the time paypal takes their cut I am down to about $3.60 so figured hey would rather $4 (it soon adds up lol) so turn that around and get stuff done for me that saves me time and oh look there is another order ha ha ha on average I think I would get about 6 orders per day sometimes more sometimes less don’t mind not in it to retire on I have my books on Amazon for that (it’s building very nicely) I do work on here to order work for myself and my clients it is a win win for me :slight_smile: and has worked nicely since I started and grew wise :slight_smile:


Thanks Fiverr.

Fiverr is my full-time job.


Hey Guys!

I’m earning from Fiverr satisfiable amount and I’m a Full Time Internet Marketer, But I concentrate 25hours a day for Fiverr as they do so :stuck_out_tongue:


Shyam - SEO Guy,


As for me, I’m doing this part time. But one of my goal is to quit my 9 to 5 job and do Fiverr full blast! $-)

Facey Bookey

Your fun social media video dude


For me, Fiverr is fun full time job :smiley:


I work in an IT department for my main job, but when it’s slow I can focus on my fiverr gigs that come in so it’s kind of like my second job which I do while at my first job. :slight_smile:

Most of my gigs center around writing, and I also do freelance writing outside of fiverr so when I combine the income I get from here and other writing it makes up about 50% of what I make at my ‘real’ job (though I get benefits from my real job too).

All in all it has allowed me to do a lot more fun things that I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise… Fiverr is great!


Hello there - am just invited to join the forum, well, here I am! What I can say is - Fiverr is a good source of income, as one reaches higher level, he has then opportunity to earn more rather than the fix price of $5! As of today, I have joined this micro job price to prove that I can really make money online and here I am - I told myself that real money online is really “real”. Who knows one day I will decide to work full time here on fiverr - with good internet connection, this could be a huge opportunity for money making!


I would loved to work full time on fiverr. This is the best place to work for legitimate home based hard working people.


I do fiverr as a part-time.


I use Fiverr to supliment my income. In just over a year I’ve completed 850+ jobs, so it’s a paid a few bills and helped initially finance a few other projects, but far from a full time job.


I think you have to be kinda lucky to have it for full job. I mean you have to have a very good method and gig. I use it to bring some nice cash that helps me to continue with my plans :smiley: