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Is fiverr learn worth it?

I find that the you can find the same courses that sell on Fiverr o a much cheaper rate on udemy. What I wanted to ask that does the badges on your profile help you get more sales, has anyone seen a difference in sales after taking Fiverr learn courses?


If you type “sales and learn fiverr” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which you may find interesting.


Fiverr courses are helpful in getting best job matches for you and a best freelancer match for clients. At the same time fiverr courses are very helpful for those who are on entry level and they don’t know how to get orders ,how to communicate with buyers,how to make gigs,how to convence the buyer and also those who are not getting orders. So yeah, I think so.


I did see review fro some course I lake skill for (mainly marketing courses ) , demo review I watch sadly some seller did terrible job marketing their own course , starting from making the video looks like TV shopping channels Salesman , I fell this kinda hurt intelligence of Fiverr freelancers since they already have basic knowledge of marking and have experience with one of methods they’re selling .