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Is fiverr life changing decision for you?

Just FYI, in most Asian countries we refer to people like they are part of our own family members. E.g: Uncle, Auntie, Grandpa, Brother, Sister etc - in many different languages if you do the literal transalation.

Maybe he doesn’t realise it, but it does sound weird when you are non-asian.


Opinion noted. …

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He wouldn’t, you would have been addressed as SISTER.


No, not exactly life changing but certainly made a difference.
My first sale was a $5 order for a gig I used to have where I would give a “frank opinion” on stuff.
The gig never really took off though, I suppose people who want frank opinions from strangers must just go to forums instead.


My first was $5 which literally took 20 working hours

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Not significantly life-changing, but it does give me more headspace knowing that, if I find myself in financial hardship, it’s one of the places I can turn to (together with other freelancing platforms).


yes very much so for me, ive been able to help pursue my music career with the money i make from here and ive done some songs with clients that got on the radio!! :slight_smile: fiverr has its negatives and can stress me out at times but i cant complain!


It’s not a life changing decision. My first sale was $40.

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Totally agree with your comment.

No one know the other “very” well.

Been here for a month. I don’t think it’ll be life changing for me personally. I’m just here to make a small income since I’m on a short break from studies. I doubt I’ll be here for more than year due to other personal life decisions.

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No problem.
I guess the comments have become a ‘little’ off-topic now.

Wow guys! :open_mouth: I’m new to the forums and of the few threads I’ve visited so far there has been so much negativity :frowning: This one especially. I think the original question is fair and interesting and if you don’t like it, then don’t bother posting in the first place. Regarding the “brother” thing, maybe it was a poor choice of greeting by it doesn’t really justify the negative responses on here.

Back to topic, I registered on Fiverr just for fun years ago. Can’t remember how I heard of it. Only in the past month has it taken off as I received a large order and my first review for a particular gig, which lead to even more orders from other people of that same gig :slight_smile:

Life changing? No. I’ve earned a few hundred dollars and enjoy it. It would be so cool to be able to live off of it, but I doubt that will ever happen.

To anyone asking for advise on how to succeed, I think the best thing is to just have fun. If you’re passionate about what you do it will show in your work, and once you get some 5 star reviews more orders will follow :slight_smile:

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:open_mouth: 20 hours Oh man!
Well Wish you Best Of luck for your future projects :wink:

It’s great hear that You had up downs on fiverr but never lose hope and made your music career Good
i wish you best Luck for the future of your music career
Keep Rocking!
Keep Shining! :wink:

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I’m totally agree with you
Fiverr is for hard workers and for passionate peoples :slight_smile:

thank you very much! :slight_smile: