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Is Fiverr literally pushing me back for no reason?

Someone cheated with me and go a refund on right 14th day of payment clearance and the order was already completed . This guy wanted me more work for the order he already placed and it required me days to accomplish that. But i denied working for free. This guy abruptly becomes furious and reports fiverr that I have cheated on him and I am a lier. Instead of reviewing my account Fiverr put my account under review and its been exactly a month now and no one has yet reviewed my account . I sent multiple tickets to fiverr support but they simply apologize that it is not in their hand and the review department will do it their own. In short we cannot contact the review team.
I have suffered a great loss just because of this cunning experience. Can somebody tell me should I wait for the review or better leave fiverr and get to some real work . Because previously fiiverr was my sole income.