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Is fiverr loading very slowly for anyone else today?

Fiverr has been taking a very long time to load into my browser for the past several hours. No other sites are doing this. Is it doing this for anyone else? The forum loads normally.


It’s working fine for me here. If only fiverr is loading slowly then i think it should be updating issue which usually fiverr give heads up.


It’s better now. Not sure what happened but it’s fixed.

I experience disappearing messages I sent.

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Mine is slow too from 2-3 days now and the images are not loading correctly, even the delivery upload button is not working, it takes ages…i am not sure if fiverr is having issues…all other sites work ok for me

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I have slow internet now for everything the last two days. Right now fiverr is the fastest it’s been in a week so I’m not sure what’s going on with my internet.

Everything seems to be A-OK on my end. It might not be a Fiverr-related issue. :thinking: Did you try contacting your internet service provider? :thinking:

Yes he’s right, it took apprx 45min to upload a project of 21mb today. But the mobile app seems to be okay

I live in an area with very bad internet service, so much that I have two different internet providers in my home in case one isn’t working. Neither one are very good. I never know if it’s the fault of the internet provider, my modem which I’ve allowed the manufacturer to repair and upgrade online a few times, or what the problem is. So if I wait a few more days maybe it will correct itself.
Or actually it might be the spellwork lately…:thinking:

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I’ve noticed my mobile app has about 2-3 second delay/lag navigating from page to page, very frustrating.

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It also happened to me but now it’s okay

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I noticed a delay in Gigs section this morning but it turns back to normal.