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Is fiverr loosing poularity?


**I have been observing fiverr since 1 year’
Many top rated seller in Logo design section used to get 150+ orders/day
but now since last 2 months they are loosing impression and orders (as i have personally contacted to some of them)
and some sellers who have 100% positive reviews also, didnot get any orders
so is it the indication that fiverr is loosing popularity???


Maybe the number of sellers grows fast.


Did you have a prior account to this one?

Or have you decided after a year of observation now is the time to come swim in the sea?


I notice that all people coming in forum to say this exact same thing are new sellers not getting any orders or not much, so because of that, Fiverr is falling apart


Fiverr is growing in popularity. This is a fact. What is changing it that there is more competition for sellers, so if you do not step up your game, you will feel as though the competition is making Fiverr less popular.


i have face that problem too. whats to do now


In my opinion, no Fiverr is not losing popularity - there are more users (buyers and sellers) on the site than ever before.

As a seller, you may be facing more competition than you were previously, but there are more buyers for your gigs as well.

So, as a seller, you need to work smarter, not necessarily harder, to achieve the level of sales you were achieving in previous years.


Fiverr’s marketing needs to improve


Why what happened again Jen?


The OP is kind of right - but maybe it is because there are alot of sellers now than there used to be.


Of course any marketing by Fiverr is welcome. But like any other marketplace or economy, demand and supply on Fiverr will match and things will be normal. Yes, the volume should grow. Only if the overall volume goes down, should we worry. Otherwise, simple economic laws will apply and there will be an equilibrium. (Too much of Economics :wink:)


My sales also dropped from several days…


Yes, let’s hope for a positive outcome.


Humm, something weird going on with @writer99025 and @djgodknows. :neutral_face::neutral_face:

Is it possible that the two of you were kidnapped by :alien: and replaced with doubles?

I’m a little scared!! :anguished:


I’m all for positive outcomes…


I get a lot of requests lately, so I can’t say if OP is right or not.

Anyway, I wonder how one could possibly design 150+ logo’s a day.


Well, some of the best sellers in content writing get 80-90 orders a day…


yes it is not possible
but they work as a team
they assign work among themselves…
i recommend you to go to profile of a seller link given below
this man has more than 600 orders per day


Wow it’s cool.

They have a customer-driven order


I think the poularity of Fiverr is pretty tight right now, tbh…