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Is fiverr loosing poularity?


May be you are right!


No it’s an indication that you are sending spam messages to fellow sellers asking them about their orders and impressions. Fiverr is not loosing “POULARITY” whatever that means


give more time ,


I quote

100% Unique

yet their gig thumb is showing Photoshop free brush and 3 logos that you can find for free on internet…

Also they don’t get 600 orders a day, they have 600 orders in queue, it’s not because they say it’s given in 24 hours that they do deliver in 24 hours, read the note left by seller.

I don’t say they are providing bad jobs, I just say that the $5 gig, well, you get what you pay for and so don’t expect any miracle.


It depends on the Situation and Work Demand


You got one as well then?


got one what???.


I presumed you’d got a message from the OP? Apologies if I was mistaken.


Nope I got it from this statement.


Right you are - I got a message as well - sorry!

Note to @graphicstweakz3 please don’t send spam messages to sellers via their main Fiverr accounts. If they’re in bed , or away, they won’t be able to respond to your message, and their response times will suffer, which wouldn’t be very fair.

Sooner or later, somebody will report you.


Fiverr only bad in the search engine index.

The first service is easily found in google.
Now permalink very poor and declining index, after 4 times update fiverr.

They lost the index for the seller.
Average index entry in the sub-category.

So that people who tune in for the sub kategoru onpage search.
Which has order at most.

Others will only see the rest of the rest of the order.

In my quote, index fiverr on google does not develop only about 5 million index


Thanx for your kind suggestion


I do not think Fiverr is losing popularity. Rather, the number of sellers are growing day by day. I think Fiverr should work on their ranking & search algorithm system.


i think it’s a competitive among sellers… If you have a fresh idea and good marketing mind you will get orders every day.


Anyone saying Fiverr isn’t losing traffic LOL ARE YOU WRONG

Fiverr has been on the decline for quite some time now and I’m scared shitless.


Read the full details here:


Its about gigs not appear on search result not about competition, some average sellers gigs not appear on search result, that’s was the problem, fiverr should change their algorithm because now is not fair.


Thread revival from April - Starting to become circular.