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Is Fiverr losing MILLIONS of DOLLARS - the Fiverr STUDIO question

I believe the Fiverr management is trying. However, when it concerns the creation and administration of the Fiverr Studio, I think there needs to be a change.

I believe that Studio leads are only TRS and Pro Sellers, while the Studio members could be Level 2 sellers and upwards of the seller levels. This piece will be based on this assumption.

Here is my big question: if Mr. A (studio member) is capable of doing a great job with Mr. B (studio lead), why has the Fiverr management restricted the creation and administration of Studios to only the TRS and Pro Sellers?

In the long run, I believe the Fiverr management will be the biggest winner if the STUDIO GIGS are really working.


  • TRS and PRO sellers (Studio leads) usually charge very high prices. This makes their budget unaffordable to clients, and it turns them off. On the other hand, the Studio members charge a bit lower and still deliver excellent services (else they won’t be eligible to be in studios in the first place).
  • TRS and PRO sellers (Studio leads) are usually busy because they have lots of work they handle on and off Fiverr. This causes their concentration on the Studio gigs to depreciate. A paused gig is lost money to Fiverr. A gig that ought to be created but wasn’t ever created is lost money to Fiverr.
  • TRS and PRO sellers (Studio leads) are already given lots of visibility by Fiverr, which means they have lots of work to do. However, studio members will treat studio gigs with more passion because it is a big plus to them in the absence of the TRS or Pro seller status.

THE SMART MOVE – In my opinion, I think that if Mr. A (studio member) is capable of doing a great job with Mr. B (studio lead), it will be an informed choice to allow Mr. A to create a studio gig, allow him to compete and turn in more sales for Fiverr.

If you think I am right and want the Fiverr management to implement this simple solution that makes more money for Fiverr and for you, comment below and maybe they would read this thread and make a decision.


Hello, you made some assumptions that are not correct.

The first one: TRS charge very high prices. Not all do. Some charge low prices.

The second one: that high prices turns off buyers. Not always true at all.

The third one: TRS and Pro sellers have so much work on and off fiverr they won’t be able to concentrate on their work on fiverr. Not true.

The fourth one: TRS and PRO sellers are given lots of visibility by fiverr which means they have lots of work to do. Not true, or at least not so much they would neglect other work, such as being a studio lead.

You seem to suggest a studio member such as a level two seller should be able to complete a studio gig by themself. My understanding is that it’s a team effort of several studio members, supervised by the studio lead, who has more experience.

Simply calling yourself a team member so you can get more sales or charge more, or complete a gig yourself with the prestige of being a team member, isn’t the point of being a team member. The point is working as a team on a large project, which will be supervised.

What you suggest to allow a team member to work independantly on gigs defeats the entire purpose of being part of a team. The idea is that large projects will require several different team members to work together to put together a project they couldn’t complete individually.

It sounds like you missed the point of being on a team.


I am not suggesting that only a Level 2 member should work independently. My opinion is for the studio lead opportunity to be given to Level 2 sellers who are also eligible for studio gigs. This way, they can create their studio gigs with their team and they won’t feel limited.

I also appreciate your comments on my assumptions and you are correct. Like you said, they are assumptions, I only generalized. Thanks.

Why? What would the reason for that be? Who says they feel limited by not being the lead?

The point of having teams is not to give opportunities to sellers to prove themselves.

If I have a huge project, and am spending $3500 on it, do you think I would welcome a level two seller being in charge of that, and supervising other level two sellers? Nope.

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If I have a huge project, and am spending $3500 on it, do you think I would welcome a level two seller being in charge of that, and supervising other level two sellers? Nope.

A TRS was formerly a Level 2 seller and a Level 2 seller can handle a $3,500 project. I have handled such expensive projects, though not on Fiverr. What I am suggesting is a level playing field for everyone and maybe the Fiverr management can send out questionnaires to get sellers opinion.

I love how people counting someone else’s money.

Jokes aside. I saw some level 2 sellers as a studio leads.
Secondly, fiverr studio is still in beta testing. So obviously it’s better to test on the best of the best before rolling it out to everyone.
If there are any problems or things to be improved with testing TRS and Pro sellers can pass that info to fiverr much faster as they have their own success managers.

To sum up: studios is still in beta testing and probably will be rolled out for everyone if fiverr will decide to proceed with this idea. Or they might decide to keep it as it is not to create more problems for themselves.


Your mistake is seeing this as something for sellers. It’s not. It’s for buyers with large budgets so they can feel secure enough to spend lots of money on complex projects.

Stop seeing it as something that is supposed to benefit sellers and give them a chance. That is not what this is for. It is for buyers to feel secure.


Okay. Thank you for your replies. We are all learning.

I think, Fiverr whole strategy is falling because of the new plans kicked off the Level2, 1 and new to the their own promotional campaign. They are doing campaigning only with Pro gigs and TRS. Also the Rate hike is the big nailed to their profit revenue. Suppose $5 order - Charges $7 to buyer and seller do get $4 only. They thought - It will increase their revenue to that commission. But I’m quite sure, Buyers do hate that huge commission amount on the order. They are choosing other platform for such small orders.!!

You guys make the mistake of thinking buyers only want it as cheap as possible and that’s simply not true. Maybe some buyers want that but there are lots of others who want to pay more for quality. You don’t realize that. Money isn’t the main concern of buyers.


Yes, beta testing is never widespread. If it was, it wouldn’t be a test and they couldn’t minimize problems that happen in the testing or evaluate how certain things work best.


But wasn’t there over 10 million beta testers for Windows 10?

Also maybe they should beta test with some lower valued projects so that if there are issues with it it might not be as bad. As it’s confirmed to be working as expected then they could increase to more sellers and higher valued projects.

No, beta testing is always done with target audiences.


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Out of interest, do you have any proof to back up all of these claims?


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Why do we need equal opportunities for all people regardless of work ethic, skills, prior experience, level of service, etc?

Why can’t some people perform better and those people get to have a few more perks/chances?

We are working in a highly competitive marketplace and the game is rigged so that people who put in the work get the results.

I am not writing this reply to sound like a privileged prick, I am simply explaining why your current POV will only hold you back.

If you aspire to earn more and get more/bigger clients then you should definitely try to replicate what successful sellers are doing.

So you would need to assume what lead to their success and not assume that they are successful because of a Fiverr feature.

Fiverr studio is a very poorly designed feature at the moment, people on the “fiverr studio” team aren’t able to answer simple questions about the product they are leading.

I know cause I’ve talked to one of them.

I disagree. Where did you get that from?


Is it not still in beta, studio leads, so it is too early to have enough data to know much about how it works.

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Is Fiverr Studio even still a thing? To be honest, I’ve never really seen the point in it. Anyone can create a gig that offers something they do not directly provide and outsource individual gig components.

You can do that right now without needing any help from Fiverr by being eligible to create or join a studio.

To be honest, I think all sellers TRS, Pro, Level whatever, etc, should just focus on their own brand. I’m not impressed by a lot of Pro and TRS sellers. I’d actually go so far as to say that some writers I see are not just overpriced but pretty rubbish. - However, they DO make sales and keep $$$$'s flowing. In this case, they are doing something right.

I’m also not impressed by a lot of sellers charging more and less than me at Level 0, 1, and 2. In fact, I’m often horrified. But, they too often make sales and keep $$$$'s flowing.

The one thing that always seems to put the brakes on sales for all sellers, is when they convince themselves that there is some kind of exterior obstacle preventing them from advancing their career or getting sales.

When people think they aren’t getting sales because buyers only trust X level sellers with X amount of reviews, they fail. Typically, that happens because the energy they could be putting into self-development, creativity, and sales is getting wasted on stress concerning the fact that the world isn’t fair.

If I were you, I’d just ignore Studio, Pro, TRS, etc, and power ahead with whatever you want to do. If you have an idea for a Studio gig, just create a gig that offers the same thing and run it like you would a studio. Simple as that really.