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Is FIVERR moving to CHEAPER?

Is FIVERR moving from the $5 option? After browsing through gigs and finally contacting sellers (2) for clarification, I soon realized and was told from one seller, “I’m a professional.” This seller had no services for $5. Isn’t that the point of FIVERR? Maybe there should be additional seller categories-$5 and $10 and above. Will save time for buyer.

Reply to @tscreativestuff: Fiverr does not have “police”, but an editorial team that can review users and gigs and take actions.

Editorial team (for what I know) constantly checks gigs, but we’re talking about a limited number of people working on millions gigs… so many cannot be found until someone (buyer or seller) reports them!

To be short: Fiverr police is done by regular users that want to keep site clean! Fiverr police is done mostly by volunteers :slight_smile:

So, if you find some illegal gig (violating ToS), write a ticket to Customer Support and report it!

On forum we all are regular users just like you and we cannot provide anything but our empathy or our tips :smiley:

Fiverr is not absolutely moving from $5: every seller must offer a basic service for $5; naturally in his gig the seller must tell what he can do for that basic price and this service must be guaranteed!!

Naturally more complex jobs could require multiple-gigs orders, but still a basic service must be offered. Sellers not doing this can see their gigs closed.

Thanks Mark74 for the information. Glad to know that FIVERR is committed to $5. Suggestion: FIVERR police :-).

Got it. Will do! Thanks again!


It’s a growing issue.

If you have the inclination ( and time) , please report these Sellers to Fiverr Support.

Reply to @voiceoverwork: And it’s not the only “issue” that appears to be Growing. :open_mouth:

VOW? Since you, as a Sheriff, are able to climb higher up Mt. Olympus and query the Gods…


…do you have any indications as to how Fiverr intends to handle the “3 million members & growing, but only 100 staff” problem?

Reply to @regency85: believe me, sheriffs can’t climb that higher… Mt Olympus is just a mirage also for us :smiley:

Seriously, we can ask forum moderators (but you could post a thread obtaining the same result), but cannot escalate the ranks :wink:


Sheriff’s are down in the valley crawling in the dark looking for answers just like you.



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Are fries also $5? :smiley: