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Is Fiverr Not Accepting Credit Cards Right Now?

A buyer is trying to make an order but the option for cards isn’t showing up. They’ve even sent me a screenshot of the page and the only option is Paypal. Does anyone have any idea what’s going on?


There is no official notice!
I have seen some topics about payoneer withdraw was disabled!
I guess it is temporary it should be fixed soon…

Have they made an order previously using a credit card?

It looks like their payment method might not be available due to their country… Maybe?

I found the above information on this page about available payment methods -

No, they managed to make the order through the app so it’s definitely an issue with the site. I checked and I’m also not getting an option to pay with credit cards. Weird.

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It seems to be a problem:


Well, this is going to be a problem. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this goes.

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Yap its a bug i think.
I found same issue once.

I have seen a notice regarding this issue a couple of days ago but forgot to take a screenshot. It is no longer showing so I thought the issue was fixed.